Tinkerine to showcase 3D Printers at #Canvest14


3D printing is far from new but a surge of expiring patents is breathing new life and excitement into the technology. Manufacturers and other industries have been using the technology for decades, but finally new, young, and innovative companies like Vancouver-based Tinkerine Studios Ltd are building a future for the unique machines. 

While printing figurines and trinkets can be temporarily cool, the novelty has worn off, making now an opportune time to be looking at 3D printing companies as investments. Their potentials are so vast, they are almost unthinkable. 

Consider that you could have invested in Apple. Would you want to invest after the iPhone 4S was released in hopes of small gains on new models, or would you want to be in before theiPod came out and see the company grow for years? (See Michael Berry’s Discovery Investing for more on this concept) That’s where 3D printing is at - the equivalent of an iPod introduction stage in its development.

3D printers have been comparatively expensive, but the costs are coming down and the printing material is improving. Its applications in the consumer markets could very well one day be a rival for Walmart or other big box stores. Why drive to the store when you can print it at home? Spatulas, mini-sticks, ping pong balls, water bottles, candle holders, and eventually even furniture, could all be printed at home.

3D printing may also hold a more industrial purpose. Printing parts in remote mining or drilling camps or even in space could save hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a day instead of waiting for shipping small parts. Having a 3D printer on site would make replacing a piece as easy as downloading the blueprint. While the ability to print with materials strong enough for heavy equipment is far off, we can recognize the immense potential for the technology.

Tinkerine (TTD.V) is currently producing some sleek 3printers that are available to the public. It will be showcasing some of them at the upcoming Canadian Investors Conference this Sunday and Monday June 1 & 2 in Vancouver. Tinkerine is generating cash flow and continuing R&D. Its goal is to make the printers more mainstream and get them in the hands of the public. 

This industry is definitely laying the foundation for something that will help shape our future and could see tremendous growth. There is no doubt that 3D printing will become common practice, thereby creating many investment opportunities.Come to the Canadian Investor Conference this Sunday and Monday to talk to Tinkerine about its plans and to check out some awesome printers!
About the Conference: The Canadian Investor Conference will be Canada’s leading diversified investment event, held in Vancouver, Canada. Various industries will come together for this 2-day event to cover Technology, Real Estate, Mineral Exploration, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Life Sciences and Energy Metals. Top industry analysts, newsletter writers, c-suite executives, hedge fund managers, trends forecasters and finance celebrities will cover speculative and direct investments and strategies, economic outlook and macro trends. The tradeshow floor will host over 100 company booths, 3 speaker halls and an expected attendance of thousands of nationals and international investors.
*This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Always do your own due diligence before making any investment. Speculative investing may incur substantial losses. Neither the author or Cambridge House holds any equity in the listed companies.

Investing in Mineral Discoveries – Steve Todoruk, March 2014

As complicated as investing in junior mining companies can be it can also be broken down to be very simple. Buy, wait for a discovery, sell high. Reanalyze during studies, buy back, wait for production to to ramp up. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Geology is not a perfect science and understanding financial markers is far from simple.

Luckily we have experts who spend everyday studying and analyzing the model and companies.

Steve Todoruk, broker and geologist, discusses his approach to investing in junior resource discovery plays. (19:21)


Cambridge House International Inc. is not an investment advisor or dealer. We do not provide investment advice and content posted should not be the basis of any decision. Please practice your own due diligence.


Bitcoin: An Evolution in Money and Banking w/ Jeff Berwick

Bitcoin came out like a rogue wave. Slowly building in the horizon and before we knew it was over are heads and crashing down all around us. Now that the froth seems to have receded the waters have calmed and looks to have temporally found peace between $500 – $600 usd. (View the chart here)

Jeff Berwick, regular speaker at Cambridge conferences and self proclaimed financial freedom fighter, has been an advocate of the crypto currency since it’s early days. Jeff played a roll in getting Bitcoin ATM’s into the public and has boasted six figure USD transactions using the crypto-currency.

Jeff talked on “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” about the crypto, the coming end of modern finanical systems, how governments should approach the concept and his favourite, freedom.


How Bitcoin Stacks Against Traditional Investment Interests

It’s no secret Bitcoin has become a world wide phenomenon. It has grabbed peoples and media attention at explosive rates. I thought this was an interesting chart stacking it’s online interest against more conventional investment terms.

Follow the Bitcoin price roller coaster here

(Gold category is for “Gold as an investment” as determined by google).

Mining asteroids in outer space! – Chris Lewicki w/ Bridgette Anderson

Chris Lewicki, a former NASA scientist and currently the president and chief engineer of Planetary Resources, chats with Cambridge House Live’s Bridgitte Anderson about opportunities for mining in outer space. Planetary Resources is financially backed by figures ranging from movie director James Cameron and Virgin’s Richard Branson to the founders of Google.


US has real challenges ahead economically – Michael Berry Video Interview

Michael Berry, the founder of DiscoveryInvesting.com, chats with Cambridge House Live’s Bridgitte Anderson about the opportunities he sees for investors within the current economic climate. He also shares his insights on the current economic plight of the United States – essential watching for discerning investors.


India is extraordinarily corrupt & increasingly chaotic – Jayant Bhandari Video Interview

Jayant Bhandari, an institutional advisor, chats with Cambridge House Live’s Bridgitte Anderson about the myth behind India’s so-called economic juggernaut. He also reveals his perspective on the junior resource sector and where he sees the North American economy heading long-term. A must-watch video!


The Promoter’s Prayer

I’ve been working in the junior exploration space for about five years now and
have been immersed in it my entire life. More often than not I am the youngest person in the room. When the old boys banter about the good old days and stories flow I’m often asked “are you old enough to know who The Pez is?”

The blunt response is, “Does anybody on Howe Street not know who Murray Pezim is?”

Yesterday I read a chapter out of the book Pezim titled “Organizing a Murray Pezim Party.” It talks about the Promoter Of The Year Dinner in November 1987 where over 1000 people payed $250 to pay homage to the Howe Street Legend. Although the evening was filled with jokes, stories, good times and a public proposal from Pezim to his future wife Susan, there was an underlying gloom because of the 1987 October stock market crash.

Due to the status of the markets, the opening remarks for the dinner went like this:

“Good Evening. At this time we would normally call for some type of religious incantation, but with the state of the markets we felt something more powerful was needed, so we dusted off the old Promoter’s Prayer, in hope that the market would look favorably upon us. The last time the Promoter’s Prayer was aired in public was before Murray Pezim drilled hole #76 at Hemlo, and we all know what happened then!”

If there was ever a time when a prayer was needed in the markets, I’d say it is now.

The Promoter’s Prayer

May your Assays always be better than expected
May you always have more Buyers than Sellers
May the Shorts always be trapped
May your Stock always close on an up-tick
May your Underwritings always be oversold
May all your trading Halts be for good news
May a bunch of Americans and Europeans buy up your float
And may you be in Heaven for half-an-hour before the Taxman knows you’re dead.

If you are concerned about mining, exploration, or venture markets visit www.venturecrisis.org for info about how to help breathe some life back into this market.

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Appreciating China To Its Fullest

If you didn’t have a chance to see the clash of the titans that took place at the VRIC 12 between Gordon Chang & Frank Holmes then view the debate here. Nearly two months later the bull and bear remain grounded offering continued reasoning behind their cases.

View Gordon Changs earlier post “The Coming Collapse Of China” here. 

While Frank Holmes discusses; Appreciating China To It’s Fullest

By Frank Holmes

Wine expert and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk attributes his ability to detect subtleties in wine that others might not recognize because of his unique taste-testing as a teen. Because drinking wine was illegal, he says he tasted the flavors associated with wine instead. He not only ate fruits and vegetables, but also chewed on chunks of grass, dirt, tobacco and wood so he could learn to recognize the complex flavors that wine has to offer.

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A Time To Hold – Base Metals Outlook From Jim Rogers

If you are not familiar the Jim Rogers Blog, you should get acquainted. Daily financial and economic commentary summed up into a 150 words or less is refreshing in a digital world where content is king, and bountiful.

From the Jim Rogers Blog;

January 16, 2012
“I would suspect you are going to see base metals doing better because you have these elections and government spending and printing a lot of money. I am not selling any of my metals. I am not selling any of my commodities and certainly not my base metals. They were probably among the worst performers in 2011. They are overdue for a nice rally.” - in Economic Times

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Jim Rogers is an author, financial commentator and successful international investor. He has been frequently featured in Time, The New York Times, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and is a regular guest on Bloomberg and CNBC.

See the original post here.

A Year In Review – From The Eyes Of Stock News Now

Our friends at Stock New Now have become quite the regulars at Cambridge House Conferences helping spread the word while building the quality and character of the shows. Shelly Kraft, CEO of Stock News Now, is always enthusiastic to get face to face with the speakers, exhibitors and Cambridge House staff to help promote the informative and timely details from inside the industry. Over the past year nearly a hundred interviews have been conducted with public company CEO’s, analysts and entertaining personalities. The folks at SNN have put together a convenient video library of the 2011 conference material for your viewing pleasure.

Stock News Now Cambridge Interviews

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Where the Magic Happens – Five Tips for Building Your Personal Brand at an Investment Conference

By Jeremy Martin

Investment conferences can be intimidating places to be for a newcomer unfamiliar with them. Sometimes this is because of sheer size. Our Vancouver Resource Investment show had over 7000 attendees in January. PDAC in Toronto had some 25,000 last month.

While at times these numbers can be overwhelming, there’s still no better way to meet industry players, get your face out there, and generate opportunities for yourself and your company.

So, before you decide to stay at home and attempt Tweeting your way to success, here are a few lessons I’ve learned growing up in the industry.

Ask questions
Questions demonstrate intelligence, and they get to the truth. Andrew Statham, one of the rising stars in the brokerage industry, is a stand out because he’s always got his list of companies to visit and questions to ask. Everyone knows he means business. A trick I’ve learned is to ask speakers and exhibitors questions they want to answer ((ie to talk about a stock they love – or how to buy their products). A few more friends never hurt!

Stay humble
While we all need to communicate our stories and our opportunity criteria, we have to be careful not be jerks about it. Be humble, respect people’s intelligence, never get in over your head without disclosing that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and show genuine interest in others. For young people like me this is especially important. Jokes at your own expense are always good too.

Spill wine
As important as the business events of the day are, the real relationships develop after hours. Last February at a conference in Phoenix I had an opportunity to have drinks with Jeff Berwick, a speaker and editor of the excellent Dollar Vigilante newsletter. Jeff is one of the most dangerous men in finance and I found out why that night. He ended up in handcuffs and I was right there with him, so we’re friends for life now. If you don’t drink, that’s no problem, just don’t let it stop the fun. After all, we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Follow up
Glenn J. Mullen, the colorful mine finder and co-owner of the Quebec Hockey League’s Val-d’Or Foreurs recently told me: “Something always comes out of a conference, whether it’s a new project, employee, exposure or financing opportunity, but you never know what it’s going to be. So when I get home I follow up immediately. Every time. And it’s never disappointed.” I  keep track of the people I meet in a database (Highrise is great for this). A spreadsheet will do just as well. It doesn’t matter how you get the job done – as long as it get’s done.

Keep coming
It never ceases to amaze me how somebody can show up to a conference without knowing anybody, and with a little personality be the star of the show by the next conference. The investment community is actually really friendly. Honestly, after a few of these things you’ll be high-fiving everybody.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming conference. Count me in for a high-five anytime.

Jeremy Martin is a Director of Business Development at Cambridge House, North America’s largest resource investment conference company. Find him at the Toronto Reasource Investment Conference Sept. 15, 16, 2011, and at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference Jan. 22, 23. You can follow him on Twitter here