Headquartered in London and with offices in Istanbul, Global Business Reports (GBR) was established in 2001 in order to provide up to date and first hand information for global business decision makers. In an age where cross boundary trade and investment and the globalization process are the driving factors for businesses, information is crucial. Precise sectorial reports help companies understand and expand their markets, improve their sourcing chain, target their investments and discover the trends affecting their industry around the world. GBR provides in depth surveys and up to date information and data covering all aspects of the hydrocarbon, Chemical, Textile, Energy, Electronics, Minerals, Mining and the Metallurgical industries around the world. GBR also provides databases with over 20 000 addresses of the major players in each industry from countries around the world (please click on the sector that interests you to see which countries are included in GBR’s database). GBR publishes its surveys in the top trade journal for each sector. Our publishing partners are leaders in their field and profit from GBRs extensive global coverage to keep their readers informed of business developments in countries that lie beyond the usual scope of their coverage. GBR can also help promote companies that wish to make themselves known in the global market place in order to attract customers, partners or investment. The company employs a team of multilingual business journalists, researchers as well as marketing and communication professionals who allow us to provide the most comprehensive, in depth sectorial coverage to our partners and clients from the furthest corners of the globe.

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