Sprott Resource Corp. invests and operates through its subsidiaries in the natural resource sector. We currently have investments and operations in oil and gas, energy, agriculture and agricultural nutrients, as well as a large position in physical gold bullion. We take an active role in the companies in which we invest. We are dedicated to generating consistently superior returns on capital for our shareholders, while focusing on risk management and real wealth preservation. We seek to accomplish these objectives by acquiring or starting attractive businesses at the right time, growing this value organically or through accretive acquisitions and by maintaining financial flexibility to be responsive to the needs of our businesses and to capitalize on new opportunities.

Our management services agreement with Sprott Consulting Limited Partnership, of which Sprott Inc. is the sole limited partner, and our location in Toronto, a global centre for resource investing, gives us access to exceptional investment opportunities and a wide network of contacts and potential strategic partners. We leverage these relationships to grow and add value to our investments.

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