Women In Mining Education Foundation (WIMEF)


Women In Mining Education Foundation is a non-profit educational organization under Internal Revenue Service 501(c) 3 guidelines and receives funding through grants and tax-deductible individual gifts. Its mission is as follows:

  • To educate students, teachers and the general public about the importance of minerals;
  • To develop and distribute mineral educational material;
  • To obtain funding for other projects that will carry out this mission;
  • To partner with groups to further mutual education goals;
  • To assist Women In Mining chapters in furthering education.

Our mission is accomplished through the distribution of classroom activities, earth science information to teachers and hands-on activities training in workshops. Distribution is accomplished through direct mailing, booths at various conventions, workshops, and the Internet. Educators who do not have Internet access can request free educational packets from the WIM Education Foundation by sending their request on school letterhead.

Events & Conferences