Digging Up Unmatched Investment Opportunities - Silver and Gold Summit 2018

Photo: Digging Up Unmatched Investment Opportunities - Silver and Gold Summit 2018

As you already know, 2018 has been a volatile year for gold stocks but in turn that has created an amazing opportunity for investors. On October 28th and 29th Cambridge House International brought together some of the most sought-after resource investment experts at The Silver and Gold Summit 2018 in San Francisco to discuss the opportunities available in today's markets.

One of the most talked about discussions of day one was “Global Economy, US Dollar and Gold”. Moderated by Marin Katusa and featuring Doug Casey and Grant Williams, the panel discussed the complex relationship between the US Dollar and gold prices and how they impact your investments.

In addition, day one also featured entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Timothy Sykes who broke down small cap cannabis stocks, and where the money is in this booming market. During his discussion, Timothy revealed “Lately CBD beverage stocks have been the hottest sub-sector of weed stocks”

But that’s not all, on day two the buzz was all about energy, especially the uranium market. Kicking off the day was the highly anticipated “How Has the Energy Trade Changed?” panel. Marin Katusa, Rick Rule, Nick Hodge and Garth Braun gave their insights on investment potential in the current energy markets. Following that was a look at “Uranium in America” featuring Energy Fuels (TSX: EFR), UR Energy (TSX: URE) and Uranium Energy Corp (NYSE: UEC).

If you are interested in more tips from leading experts, the free investment guide “The Art of Investing in Silver and Gold” is a great resource. Featuring insights from David Morgan, Jeff Clark, Nathan Lewis and Ralph Aldis this guide will give you the information you need to grow your portfolio, so subscribe today!

To catch all the featured speakers from the conference check out the playlist below!