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“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

This week on The Cambridge House Show, we have some big names in the precious metals sector as well as the writer of a major macro newsletter! They are sharing their favorite companies as well as great investor advice. Tune in to hear more.

Peter Grandich

What is catching your eye?

“It’s really what caught my eye last year”

“I got into the biggest cash position I would have in my career”

“I got so enthralled with mining shares I ended up plowing most of that cash back”

“Gold, silver and copper shares”

Are you currently deploying capital?

“My capital is already deployed”

What does your current portfolio look like?

“My two largest holdings are Arizona Metals and American Pacific Mining”

Where can my listeners find you?


Jeff Clark

What is catching your eye?


“Owning physical gold due to inflation”

“We are in a gold bull market”

Are you currently deploying capital?

“Absolutely, yes”

Gold and silver predictions?

“There are so many reasons to be long on gold and silver that they have to go higher”

Current portfolio?

“I love mining stocks they are my passion”

“First Majestic Silver”

“Cassiar Gold”

Advice for junior investors?

“Pay attention to the mergers and acquisitions sector right now”

Where can we find you?


“@thegoldadvisor on Twitter”

David Morgan

The Morgan Report

What is catching your eye on the market?

“Everything seems to be in an uncertain format right now”

“All the minerals”

Are you currently deploying capital?

“I’m saving it”

Walk me through your portfolio?

“Franco Nevada”

“Wheaton Precious”

“You’re better off in many jurisdictions”

Advice for junior investors?

“Stay calm”

“Don’t listen to all the ‘hot tips’”

Where can we find you to learn more?


Alfonso Peccatiello

The Macro Compass

Walk me through your finance journey?

“My mother worked in finance so I have been fascinated by global markets since I was small”

“‘I worked my way up until I was managing a $2BN portfolio”

What’s catching your eye?

“My investment horizon is usually long, 6 months to a year or more”

Walk me through your portfolio?

“I rarely do single names”

“High quality defensive stocks”

Advice for junior investors?

“Find companies with strong balance sheets”

“You have to be humble as an investor or the market will humble you anyways”

Inflation, where are we headed?

“We have a lot of supply bottlenecks”

“As soon as the supply pressures ease I expect inflation to dwindle but you could never be sure”

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