The Silver and Gold Summit 2023

Photo: The Silver and Gold Summit 2023

Join some of the greatest investors, analysts, and fund managers in the silver and gold space for an epic full-day event on Thursday, May 4.

We will be joined by Dr Nomi Prins (Geo-Political Economist, Best- Selling Author, Ex-Wall Street Banker), Peter Schiff (CEO of Euro Pacific Asset Management), Randy Smallwood (Chairman Of The Board, World Gold Council and President and Chief Executive Officer at Wheaton Precious Metals Corp), Andy Schectman (President at Miles Franklin Ltd.), Luke Gromen (Founder, Forest For the Trees, LLC), Ronald-Peter Stoeferle (Managing Partner, Fund Manager at Incrementum AG) and Jeff Clark (Senior Precious Metals Analyst at

In addition, hear presentations from CEOs of some of the top silver and gold mining companies, such as Wheaton Precious Metals, Osisko Gold Royalties, and Fortuna Silver Mines, among others.