#VRIC15 | The Coming Dawn

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is back for its 20th year. Over 350 companies, and 40 speakers will gather over the two days to illuminate the mining, metals and resource industry. Enjoy and share the video below with anyone you think would be interested in attending this annual and indispensable event.

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USA may be trying to split up Russia – Peter Spina

USA may be trying to split up Russia

Peter Spina, the entrepreneurial leader behind GoldSeek.com and SilverSeek.com, chats with Vanessa Collette at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver. They discuss several pressing issues: Russia’s ongoing dispute with The West, where values can be found in the stock market and the newest place to buy gold bullion (www.GoldSeekMint.com!). Definitely tune in for this barn burner!


“It will get worse” – Brent Cook Interview


One of the sector’s most respected voices, Brent Cook from Exploration Insights chats with Cambridge House Live anchor Vanessa Collette about the state of the junior mining sector and what investors should know as we enter into the second half of 2014.  Excellent information for the discerning investor.


5 Development Stocks To Watch in Alaska and Northern Canada

Tickerscores.com is a universal scoring system for precious metals stocks that independently covers over 425+ companies on the TSX and TSX-V.

Two weeks ago, my team released our report covering all precious metals stocks with projects in the “Great White North” region, which is composed of Alaska and Northern Canada (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut). This was our first time covering these jurisdictions in depth with Tickerscores, so it was a great fact finding mission to see if there were any gems we could uncover within the frozen tundra of the north. You can get full access to all of our reports, including this one, by signing up for a free-trial on our website.

The North is interesting from a mining exploration perspective in several ways. First, because it is vast and unexplored, the potential for finding a mega discovery is certainly a possibility. It is no secret that millions of ounces of placer gold have been mined in the Yukon since the gold rushes of days of yore.  Alaska has also proved to contain some of the biggest deposits known to man. This includes Donlin Creek and Pebble – projects that almost boggle the mind in terms of potential. Donlin Creek, a 50/50 joint venture between Barrick and NovaGold, has 34 million oz of Au at 2.1 g/t in proven and probable reserves. The Pebble deposit, currently 100% owned by Northern Dynasty, is one of the biggest sources of mineral wealth ever discovered, with about 80 billion pounds of copper and over 100 million oz of gold in a massive porphyry system.

Second, these jurisdictions have some unique exploration and development hurdles. Most areas are frozen solid for most of the year, and the cold wreaks havoc on all types of mining machinery and personnel. As a result, ground crews are mostly limited to doing work during the summer. Not only that, but The North has vast amounts of land with not enough people to fill it out. The total population of the three Canadian territories barely scrapes past 100,000 people. As a result, there is not much infrastructure. This can make the price tag for the initial CAPEX of a mine less bearable. That is, unless the discovery is so great that it warrants such infrastructure.

The North and especially the Yukon were the “place to be” for juniors just a few short years ago. Go back and look at the five year stock charts for some of these companies and you’ll see that many of them were trading for 10x their current value in 2011. Sure, this is true for many junior gold companies in the market, but it is especially true for companies with projects in Alaska and the Canadian Territories. As the gold price tumbled, people realized that – in the short-term – development would face major hurdles. However, every problem is an opportunity. If you believe in the long-term fundamentals of gold and have some patience, The North could be an excellent play. All it takes is one discovery or a surge in the gold price, and all of a sudden the modern day gold rush is on again. Some of these companies could have much more upside than the “safer” plays in other jurisdictions.

In our Tickerscores analysis, we looked at all 44 companies with major projects in Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. We do this from an independent and empirical perspective with the objective of providing unbiased, quality information for our subscribers. We looked at both exploration and development projects. From an exploration perspective, we didn’t see anything that blew us away. The five companies we’ll share today will be of the development variety – these are 5 of the top 8 companies in our “Great White North” database. Continue reading

Small miners set to dust off drill rigs in 2014 – Reuters survey

By Allison Martell and Euan Rocha

A large majority of the small Canadian-listed mining companies that help drive global mineral exploration expect to drill this year after a grim period of hibernation for many cash-strapped explorers, according to a Reuters survey.

The results of the survey of more than 60 mining executives are one of the first clear indications of a turning point in sentiment among so-called junior miners. Although money has begun to trickle back, the cost of drilling is down and the price of gold is up from last year’s painful lows, hopes for the sector have been muted at best.

More than three quarters of the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture-listed miners and explorers that participated in the survey said they expected to have a drilling program at some point in the coming 12 months, while fewer than six in 10 said they had drilled in the previous 12 months. Continue reading

15 Years of Facts Add Up to the Same Thing ………… Gold Manipulation!

Bill Murphy, chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, sits down for a powerful one-on-one with Cambridge House Live’s Vanessa Collette at Silver Summit 2013 in Spokane, Washington. She presses hard for examples of gold manipulation and he lays out credible evidence any investor would be interested in knowing about.

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Vanessa Collette: Welcome to Cambridge House Live. I’m here at the 11th Annual Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington. I’m here with Bill Murphy, Chairman of the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee and a financial commentator on LeMetropoleCafé.com – welcome David, great to have you here with us again.

Bill Murphy: Good to see you again.

VC: Bill, what’s happening with the gold price today?

BM: Well today it’s flat and of course one of the things that GATA always gets into – we talk about the gold cartel – they never allow any action on the upside. You have a big day – next day nothing… Big day- next day nothing [laughs], another big day – especially in the past week, nothing. And this is what they do – they don’t allow any excitement and today’s just typical of the way they operate. Once you have a really good day, and people are really looking to go, they never allow it to go like any other market, to keep going. So today is a perfect example [referring to October 25, 2013].

VC: And why is that? Why are they controlling it so tightly? Continue reading

US Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes: How To Profit From Hedge Fund Manipulation In Gold Stocks

In a recent interview with resource commentator Jay Taylor, US Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes, provided fascinating commentary on the resource markets and more, as well as a sneak peak of speech items he will be covering at the upcoming Toronto Resource Investment Conference.

Frank noted that at the conference, “I’m going to comment on the state of the union on resources, and what the demand drivers are as a whole—the bigger picture, [as well as] the negativity that’s focused around China, and try to highlight some of the positive aspects…I’ll also comment on what’s taking place in India [right now] when it comes to gold, which is important to understand.”

Frank also spoke to the importance of India’s marriage season in terms of the gold market, referring to it as, “‘The love trade’–which is 50% of all the demand for gold, and that starts every summer and runs to Chinese new year.” He added however, that, “I think gold would be substantially higher if you didn’t have the weak policies coming out of India [right now], trying to stop the demand for gold…I will [also] comment on that.”

Of great interest to investors looking to profit from the still-broken resource capital markets, Frank explained there are great gains to be made for example, “When stocks get pushed out of the GDXJ…rogue hedge funds know if they push it down [the company] one day in a quarter, below a market cap of $75 million, it gets pushed out [of the index]—and then they lean-in shorting it.” The result he added, is that, “Some of those stocks become [of] exceptionally attractive value, because they’re basically forced down…So how do you turn that into a positive? That’s what I’m going to highlight [in Toronto].”

As a final comment to investors considering the sector, Frank suggested looking for, “Companies [that] have good CEO’s, good geologists out there exploring, or very cost conscientious executives who are running an operation..They’re the companies you have to really focus on,” he concluded.

Once again, this was a fascinating interview with one of the world’s leading voices in the resource market. Frank Holmes’ upcoming speech at the Toronto Resource Investment Conference should not be missed.

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About the conference: The annual Toronto Resource Investment Conference is a gathering of mineral exploration, mid-tier producing, mutual fund, bullion, and online research companies. Financial experts, newsletter writers, fund managers and analysts will host workshops and keynote sessions where attendees can expect a wealth of knowledge covering direct investments, speculative investing, macro trends, economic analysis, metals outlook and investment strategies.

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Discover Your Next Resource Investment With Two of The World’s Top Resource Financiers

Cambridge House International is pleased to announce the attendance of two of the World’s top resource financiers at the upcoming Toronto Resource Investment Conference. Ned Goodman, founder of Dundee Corporation, and Eric Sprott, founder of Sprott Asset Management LP, will be delivering keynote speeches during a historic moment in the resource sector.

As a laid off geologist in the 1960s, Ned Goodman took the initiative to obtain an MBA from the University of Toronto. Shortly afterward, he co-founded an investment counsel, raising nearly $5B over the decades for mineral exploration, and proceeded to develop the self-made Dundee group of companies from a $300 million concern—to an over $50 billion fund conglomerate.

Speaking to his investment philosophy and market outlook in a recent interview, Ned indicated that, “Our whole investment modus operandi is to get involved in those industries and companies that will gain from an inflationary event…We’re going to have to have some inflation…[and]I want to own assets that are inflation-proof.”[i]

Former Merryl Lynch analyst turned founder and CEO of the $9B Sprott Asset Management, Eric Sprott, echoed a similar expectation for the comeback of inflation, commenting that, “By next summer, I think that the price of gold will have made new highs and [will] stand around $2,400 per ounce.”[ii]

Eric made the clarion call to gold for Sprott clients starting in the year 2000, and further expressed that conviction by financing what would become many of the world’s top gold mining companies, including Goldcorp, the world’s largest by market cap.

When asked his thoughts on recovery potential of the mining share market, he noted that, “This sector will be explosive. The continuation of the gold bull market will lead the junior gold mining stocks higher by many hundreds of per cents, just like it did during the 2008 recovery.”[iii]

While an inflationary event and new all-time highs in gold remain to be seen, what is certain is the keynote speeches delivered by these two great stewards of capital will mark a pivotal moment in resource history.

We invite you to discover your next resource investment with Ned Goodman and Eric Sprott at the Toronto Resource Investment Conference, on Sept. 12th-13th, 2013, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.

Seating is extremely limited for these two keynote speeches and will fill very quickly. Therefore we recommend online registration be made for the conference as soon as possible.

To register for the conference online now, visit: Our Registration Page

Additionally, by registering your attendance online now, you will save a $20.00 entrance fee charged at the door.

About the conference: The annual Toronto Resource Investment Conference is a gathering of mineral exploration, mid-tier producing, mutual fund, bullion, and online research companies. Financial experts, newsletter writers, fund managers and analysts will host workshops and keynote sessions where attendees can expect a wealth of knowledge covering direct investments, speculative investing, macro trends, economic analysis, metals outlook and investment strategies.

For more information on the Toronto Resource Investment Conference, please visit the following link: CambridgeHouse.com

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Classic Report To Blend Republic Of Pop & Year-Long Holds

The Calandra Report

Gold: All You Need Know 

REPUBLIC OF POP – I am not one for coined phrases, mottos and slogans. In this case: I cave. Wave the white flag Timing rules.

I am back with the classic newsletter that coined the phrase “Melt-Up” for metals equities … and the same one that got me in hot water years ago. The reason why this belongs on CAMBRIDGE CAFE is instructive, I hope, to all of us in the metals biz: conference organizers, geologists, economists, young investor relations peeps, older CFOs and CEOs, logisticians, mappers, writers, researchers, investors.

When I decided to rebirth The Calandra Report, an investment letter that many Cambridge House attendees embraced in a swift year of rising metals equities, 2003, those same resource equities were dead in the water. Just 6 percent or so above the 11-year low they sank to in mid-May of this year (2012)

That was earlier in August. Three weeks ago. Many of us who staked resource prospectors, silver, gold, platinum, copper, HAVE BEEN CRUSHED since March 2011. This spreads to all of us.

For instance, Elko, Nevada, was a boom town when I dropped in 20 months ago to see the team at Gold Standard Ventures. Elko is the place that hosts the Cowboy Poets bash each January. It is at the southern edge of the famous Carlin (gold) Trend, and I swear getting a hotel room was almost impossible in 2010.

Three weeks ago, I returned … and things are sedate. Borderline upbeat, but the buzz is on hold. Hotel rooms are plentiful. Thankfully, so are ribeye steaks at The Star downtown and solid Mexican chow elsewhere.

In our first week of this northern hemisphere summer, TCR signed up about 200 folks at $25 and at $38. Many of them kicking and screaming about the hassle of PayPal. But no one complaining about the price.

Well, we are close to 300 now, and I think the classic investment newsletter and the Cambridge House operation will share one of the wildest, just plain b*lls-out sharpest rebounds in the history of the metals industry. And metals equities of all stripes.

When I meet or spend a day with folks in the metals business who have given it their all for 20 years, 30 years, I get right to it: what are you doing to stay sane? How are you reducing your expenses? Buddy can you spare a dime?

These are people I have known as a reporter, as a broadcaster, as a researcher and as an investor for my entire career: all the big names are there … and the new names, too.

The 40 under 40. The 50 over 50. The 70 over 70. In Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nevada, Idaho, Portugal, Peru … and China, Cambodia, Indonesia. I was congratulating Jim Moore the other day about his successful $250 million sale of Inter-Citic Minerals to a China group.

Mr. Moore, who has been developing the Dachang gold project in eastern China for much of the 2000s, is not celebrating. “These are tough times as you know so hopefully shareholders will recognize the accomplishment that this represents.”

Same with Yale Simpson and his sale of Extorre in Argentina. And others fortunate enough to have demonstrated the virtues of their mineral prospects to larger entities.

As for that timing thing? I think the idea here is to take advantage of what appear to be cheap prices for metals equities, and in some cases other forms of resources (properties, warrants, net smelter royalties, debt). We’ll have the occasional trading opportunity, too: metals, energy, agriculture.

You will hear from TCR 1) when I have done the scrub-work necessary to ensure what in my view will be a profitable Republic of Pop trade or hold; and 2) ascertained no sellers in the shadows will spoil a one-day or one-week profit on the way to a longer-length hold and so-called liquidity, or selling, event. I will be explaining this at Joe Martin’s next show — the one in Toronto at the close of September. It’s free, by the by — the show that is.

I hope this does not sound like a pitch — because we are not screaming for subscribers. We target 500 or so folks who have been attending Cambridge House shows and not throwing rotten tomatoes at me.

The new TCR letter is designed to empower a group of profit-seekers and buccaneers in Canada, the USA, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Hong Kong and three ex-pats adrift in the kingdom of Cape Verde, northern Africa. I think you will see that my interests have been and will be allied with those of Cambridge House: educating and empowering resource investors.

Please join me in my attempt to achieve some of the very high highs we notched not so long ago in the business of investing. I am not a financial adviser nor am I a broker or a banker. I do not accept fees for financings, and I rarely invest in equity placements. I am a large shareholder in several prospectors in Colombia, Ghana and … well, did I mention Colombia? Also in Quebec and to a lesser extent, Nevada, Mexico, and, to my regret, for now anyway, Tanzania.

The hot water part is relevant, too. I have received negative feedback based on my settlement with the USA Securities & Exchange Commission for trading activity whilst I was producing the original The Calandra Report some years ago. I fuc*ed up; I am sorry. I got greedy. I have said it 10,000 times in print, for broadcast and person to person, on stages and across tables; I paid the price financially and emotionally.

It is OK. Go ahead and flame me. Throw tomatoes. I can catch ‘em. Might I point out that no one ever has questioned the accuracy of my reports? This does not mean I am a guaranteed success; Recently, I loved Great Basin Gold in Nevada and South Africa; I loved Canaco in Tanzania. I saw the projects multiple times. I invested. I got creamed.

My biography and career with the best financial names in the biz, some of which I kick-started, are seen here on this Cambridge Cafe: Thom Calandra.

I am a long-term stakeholder with a view on how to achieve $10 million and more of additional assets in the coming two years. Joe Martin is probably raising his eyebrows at that number. (Editor: Mr. Martin says he is cool with it.) But hey, I did well with the sale of that financial news site in 2005. See the TC bio.

Most of our holdings here at home have been in the portfolio for three to four years. Like all of us in metals, we have lost about 40 percent (revised this week to 33 percent!) of our portfolio value since March 2011. Thank you, Gold Standard Ventures.

In the past five years, I have been visiting prospector sites, researching them, writing about them (mostly for free), and taking market stakes in them, with no discounted stock, side deals or quid-pro-quos. Oh yeah, and speaking at Joe’s shows.

My so-called skin is usually in the game. Not always. Subscribers are first to know when my opinion changes on something specific. I state my exact share positions. I like to give subscribers a week to purchase something … if I do not already own it. Ditto on sales.

I am a partner at Torrey Hills Capital in San Diego, CA, a firm with one of the most developed pedigrees in the business of filling rooms, polishing presentations and evaluating mining properties and talent. I am beholden to none of Torrey Hills’ 25 or so clients. The new TCR is here for subscribers and not for clients of Torrey Hills. Sometimes their paths will cross.

I am not a geologist. I speak at several conferences each year, including those organized by Joe Martin in Canada and Brien Lundin in New Orleans. I am a swimmer, a biker, and a runner. First and foremost, I am a writer. I also have a heart for folks who have dedicated their lives to natural resources and to a lesser extent, drugs (OK, biomedical). Thom Calandra’s bio

If you are interested, please try TCR.Especially if you are not dozing at this point, or furious for that matter. Give me a chance. I know most everyone there is worth knowing in the metals biz.

You will receive TCR via simple email. This is a PayPal button for subscribing.

TCR now $48 a year. SUBSCRIBE HERE.  If you detest PayPal, what can I say? Ping me. I hope to occasionally publish dated and abridged TCR reports on the Cambridge House Cafe. See you in Toronto. Thanks Joe.

Your friendly reporter, 

Thom Calandra

Tiburon, California: USA

Read an abridged and delayed version of a recent TCR.

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Jim Moore On China Gold, Inflation & Mergers (Update)

By Thom Calandra @ Large

SAN FRANCISCO – A China-centric gold developer says China’s consumer price inflation is understated and real estate developers will melt down if the nation’s banks step away from largely vacant offices, subdivisions and warehouses.

The informed warning is good for gold and a wake-up call for soaring housing and commercial real estate prices in China.

Jim Moore of Inter-Citic Minerals (ICI in Canada and ICMTF in USA) gave his forecast before word of declining home prices in many China cities hit the business wire today. Continue reading

Thom @ Large: Swimming To Cambodia Gold

By Thom Calandra

OYADAO BORDER CAMP — Cambodia explorer Angkor Gold is little known to travelers who visit this country to tick off Buddhist temples and irrawaddy fresh-water dolphins flipping in the Mekong River.

They Understand 'Never Say Never'

That’s OK. I hunt alone, as Hong Kong asset manager Marc Faber likes to tell his mates. I am here to see if Angkor Gold’s portfolio of properties contains the world’s next massive mineral deposit, something several geologists, a secretive group of investors and one technician-engineer in this part of the world are telling me.

I come away from 9 days here thinking the extent of Angkor Gold‘s “country rock” by late 2013 looks set to rival Cambodia’s abundance of Buddhist temples, rubber plantations, cashew trees, cassava farms and swim-friendly volcanic lakes. As for the metals, which include gold, copper, silver, molybdenum, zinc, lead and possibly iron ore, I believe Canada-traded Angkor has a legitimate shot at turning its geologists, executives and working Cambodia staff, all vested with stock options, into multi-millionaires. Continue reading