Our communications technologies have changed so drastically in recent years that we now need to re-invent basic things like the way we educate. People are simply more visual now than ever before and this is largely due to the recent advances in digital technologies and internet-enabled mobile devices.

This phenomenon has given rise to online platforms such as Khan Academy, a non-profit that provides world-class video education to anyone in the world for free. Or consider TED [Technology, Entertainment, Design], a non-profit using online videos devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Another great example is RSA Animate which has a collection of exciting and intellectual animated videos from respected speakers on subjects from climate change to the credit crunch.

The average person often finds the available information about the natural resources and energy industries very challenging to comprehend without adequate education. This is particularly common for the world’s most populous age bracket: Generation Y. This group, born between 1978 and 2000, are the first digital natives and learn almost exclusively through visual methods.

Our goal with Visual Capitalist is to use visualizations to educate and empower this generation to make sound investment decisions and manage our global resources responsibly. We believe that responsibility and sustainability can co-exist with profits.

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