Since 2003, Fundamental Research Corp has been provided the highest institutional quality equity research coverage on over 200 small and micro cap public companies through our extensive distribution network.  As of 2009, we have also issued over 50 reports on exempt market securities. Our research has been used by some of the largest institutional investors in the world who access it through channels such as Reuters, retail websites such as Stockhouse, and by subscription. Our goal from the beginning was to provide high quality research to a broad audience, while adhering to high ethical standards and a strong foundation of integrity.  These principles are evident in everything we do.

Our firm was created when we noticed that all equity research is paid for in one way or another, traditionally through corporate finance relationships. In 2003, it came to light that many investors were not aware that the research they were reading had potential conflicts between research and corporate finance.  This led to large fines being levied on some large U.S. investment banks.

However, on the debt side, research relied upon by investors, and produced by firms such as Moodys is paid for, directly by the issuer to the research provider. The model is also used by auditors who are paid to provide an independent opinion to investors.

That brings us to today.  To ensure high quality, continuous, and thorough research coverage, we employ full time in house analysts and industry specialists (such as a geologist).  Because our analysts are in house, they are readily available to respond to investor inquiries, calls from institutions, and speak to management.  We have invested in institutional platforms, such as Reuters Knowledge and Capital IQ, so that our analysts have access to the same high caliber information as the largest money managers in the world.

To ensure ethical behavior throughout our firm, we have, and continue to adopt CFA Institute Standards.

Our analysts are sought after by the media and at conferences to give their opinion on the markets, current topics of interest such as the direction of commodity prices, and top stock picks.

In the end, we are first and foremost a premier research firm that markets its research.  A truly solid research firm is one that has full time analysts, access to the same information as large institutional investors, is ranked and adopts ethical and professional standards. The hard work we have done to establish our research is paying off.  We have ranked in the Top Ten in independent third party evaluations of our research, and have developed a reputation for producing high quality research.

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Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2024

January 21-22, 2024, Vancouver Convention Centre West Building 1055 Canada Place Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC Canada

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