Brent Cook's Geo-Insights

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Making money in the junior mining and exploration equity markets is all about Turning Rocks into Money™. To do so requires an understanding of the geological characteristics of a mineral system and a reasonable sense of what it will cost to get the metal out of the rock. Because the odds of success—finding an economic ore deposit—are so heavily stacked against the explorationist it is just as imperative to know when a project is failing as when it is succeeding. Knowing more than the crowd is key.

Because we are usually dealing with early stage exploration projects at Exploration Insights we are as often as not dealing with limited data and projecting that into the third dimension—Earth. Exploration geology is not an exact science, it is an art supplemented by experience and imagination that evolves as mapping, sampling, drilling, etc., adds to the picture. Over the years we have discussed hundreds of companies and mineral properties. These discussions often involve examining and interpreting the exploration data.

Our goal is to help subscribers better evaluate their own investments in the junior mining and exploration sector, as well as stocks in the EI portfolio, therefore we have compiled this document of Geo-Insights. It is a compendium comprised of excerpts from Exploration Insights that we hope will be of help and value in your own research.

Good luck out there,

Brent Cook

August 18, 2011

PDF Link: Brent Cook's Geo-Insights August 2011 PDF (643 KB)
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