International Metal Writers Conference - Top Picks at the Show

Photo: International Metal Writers Conference - Top Picks at the Show

This year at the International Metal Writers Conference we kicked off the show by inviting some of our top newsletter writers on stage to let the audience know which companies they were out excited to see. Rick Rule moderated the discussion.

David Morgan, the Silver Guru recalled his first meeting with Silvercorp Metals Inc. - still his top pick at the show. For an earlier stage company, David liked Minaurum Gold Inc.

Brent Cook broke down why he loves the the prospect generation model and chose Riverside Resources Inc. and Eurasian Minerals Inc.

Nick Hodge loved Midas Gold Corp. due to it's safe jurisdiction (Idaho) and high grade deposit - the 8th largest gold deposit in the US. His second pick was Skyharbour Resources Ltd., a uranium play run by the young CEO, Jordan Trimble.

Jason Hamlin's top pick for the last three years had been Integra Gold - recently acquired by Eldorado Gold at a 52% premium. His second pick was Alexandria Minerals Corp.

John Kaiser was the second speaker to pick Midas Gold Corp. For a junior explorer, he liked Arizona Silver Corp.