Zimtu Bus Rolls Into Munich Conference

Today is Friday, Nov. 4, 2011 so we must be at the Munich Edemetall & Rohstoff Messe.. – Precious Metals and Commodity show. Walking around the floor one sees the presence of Canadian junior mineral exploration companies that are responsible for about 60% of the worldwide search for mineable ore deposits. The show has about 150 exhibitors and about 100 are companies from Canada, mostly Vancouver.

The program mostly features German letter writers and analysts with a lot of company presentations. There are a few English talks – Eric Sprott, who spoke very recently at the Cambridge House Silver Summit in Spokane had a jammed audience of about 600. Lawrence Roulston, another Cambridge House regular, speaks tomorrow. I had a good chat with Mr. Gold, James Turk of Goldmoney.com. James will be in Vancouver in January for the 2012 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

What really makes this show different from most others is the frenzy of people lining up to buy gold and silver. Think of any big retail sales day with a line up of customers and you get the idea. There are over 30 companies selling gold and silver – bars and rounds and coins from Armenia, Australia, Canada and many more.

The Germans have it figured out. Their country has lived through two crashes where their fiat currency was reduced to zip. They see it happening again in Europe today. Every headline shouts out about Greece, Italy and the potential demise of the Euro.

The forward thinking Germans know that real money is gold and silver, not artificial fiat currency. The Canadian juniors are here to see if they can get a bit of those funds to help them look for more gold and silver – for more real money.