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00:00:09 Nice to see everybody. Wow! Junior Mining, Right Place, Right time 2017. Is a monetary shift about to shock mining forever? Okay, so big question everybody. Raise your hands. How many people believe that there is this thing called gold manipulation? Okay. The ones that didn’t raise their hands, you should raise your hands because the whole industry is manipulated, period. I'm going to show right everything. Bill Murphy, my friend from GATTA. They've done all kinds of work over the years talking about manipulation. They've proven it. They've shown it and the bankers, never go to jail. Nothing ever happens to them. They keep printing money and keep gold down.


00:00:55 When will manipulation end? Short of the miracle? Never. Again, short of the miracle, never. Why? The International Monetary Fund and the banking cartel in 1971 detach the U.S. dollar from gold via Nixon, President Nixon, giving them the ability to print FIAT which is basically paper money and now electronic derivatives to infinity.

00:01:30 Here's a printing to infinity does. It increases the money supply and decreases the purchasing power of each dollar. Therefore, the price of everything goes up. You don’t believe me? Look at the price of a housing. How much is real estate now where it was five years ago, ten years ago, 30 years ago. You keep printing money and real estate keeps going up, up, up and up. A house that was 50,000 is now a million dollars 30 years ago and then now.

00:01:58 Okay, so you print money, everything goes up. What doesn’t go up? Gold and silver. Strange. Why doesn’t silver and gold up and the mining stocks? Why don’t they go up? Because they have a policy. It's called you print as much derivative contracts as you possibly can to keep the price of gold and silver down. Why do you do that? Because low gold, low silver, low mining prices mean the dollars worth something.

00:02:32 Let's look at the X, and I'm sure hopefully, some people look at charts. This is what's called the XAU mining index, okay?

00:02:40 From 1983 to the year 2007, it's unchanged. Can you believe that? It actually made a new low last year in 2016. Thirty-four years mining stocks have gone nowhere. The XAU Index, that's incredible.

00:03:03 Let's look at gold. From 1980 it went up to $850. It drops 70 percent through manipulation. Then the last control temporarily gold shut up 650 percent to $1,900.23 that we call the top. From that point, it didn’t drop. 33 percent currently trading at 1268 so it's 33 percent off the top since 2011 where manipulation started. Very critical. Manipulation went into full force in the year 2011.

00:03:41 Let's look at silver. $49 silver in 1980 dropped 92 percent down to $4 in 1999. They lost control and shut up 1100 percent into the year 2011. Manipulation full force, next thing you know, silver was slamed down currently trading 65 percent off it's 2011 high.

00:04:07 Let's look at the HUI, another mining index. Up 1600 percent from the year 2000, and then manipulation down 70 percent since manipulation began in 2011. Let's look at the junior mining, okay, junior mining conference.

00:04:28 2011, GDXJ, the junior mining index down 78 percent since manipulation began. Here in Toronto or in Canada, there's a mining index, the junior mining called ZJG, okay? That one is down, 67 percent since manipulation began.

00:04:51 However the DOW, you print money, you just keeps going up. It's up 3,000 points. 3000 percent since 1980. The Toronto index is up a thousand plus percent since 1980. Let's have a look.

00:05:12 When manipulation goes into full force in 2011, you'll notice, the first square is the XAU index. It's down 64 percent since 2011. the next, the best performer is gold is down only 33 percent. Then silver is down 65 percent. HUI is down 70 percent. The GDX is 65 percent. The junior miners are down 78 percent since 2011. The ZJG is down 68 percent while the DOW since 2011 is up 65 percent and the Toronto Stock Exchange is up 12 percent. Basically, anything paper keeps going up and everything of real value, gold, silver, mining stocks go down.

00:06:12 Since price manipulation began aggressively in 2011 gold , silver and mining sector have been poor investment and the worst investment, junior mining. The worst. 78 percent down since 2011. Let's have a look.

00:06:32 Both of these charts start in the year 2000, okay? You're going to see the yellow box into 2011, the XAU went up 400 percent. Right now, the XAU is only up 100 percent. Go look next to blue box is gold. Gold went up 650 percent in 2011 but currently it's only up 370 percent off the 2000 low when the bull market started. Next will be the orange. Silver went up 1100 percent when the bull market began but then now is only up 320 percent. Then the green one is the HUI. The minors went up 1600 percent into the bull market top in 2011 but now it's only up 400 percent since manipulation kicked in.

00:07:23 What you'll notice in 2011, the DOW is only up 11 percent and the Toronto Stock Exchange is only up 26 percent. Right now, since 2000, the DOW was up 81 percent since the year 2000 and the Toronto Stock Exchange is up 36 percent. What that's basically showing us is that everything paper is appreciating, so basically, gold, silver, the mining sectors are slowly coming down as the stock market is slowly rising and valued. Basically, the price manipulation is completely distorted a reality.

00:08:03 Basically, the stock markets continue to rise as gold, silver, mining sector continuous to be suppressed. What we need? A miracle. Unless gold, silver and the mining sector witness a miracle, the International Monetary Fund and the Banking Cartel will never ever stop printing FIAT basically paper and electronic derivative contracts. Therefore, gold, silver and the mining sector will never experience true price discovery. Thank you.

00:08:39 I'm just kidding. It's not over yet. This is where we are today, okay? We are sitting right now with no hope. No hope. Period.

00:08:55 What do I do? Cycles. Let's look at cycles. What are cycles telling us about the expected future for gold silver and the mining sector? What is the bible saying about cycles? Please remember this phrase. "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

00:09:27 These are biblical cycles which I put together. Okay, I'm not going to go through it all. The bottom line is a biblical year is 360 days. If you multiply it by 7, you're going to get 2,520 biblical days. Okay, that is a critical number within the bible and how everything works. We're going to take 2,520. We're going to drop at zero and we get 252.

00:09:59 All right. Now, here's what gets interesting. We start at the birth of Jesus. We had six cycles of it. 252 years so we ended up at 1512. The privileges of parliament act. That's convenient. What is that?

00:10:12 Is basically legal immunity so all the bankers in London write a law, we're going to have legal immunity. We can write whatever we want. No one can do anything to us. We have this legal immunity loss since 1512, 252 years later at 1764, the currency act. What is that? Paper. They create paper. Ever since then, the paper has been in circulation. They force that paper on the U.S. colonies and we had a huge war in 1764, okay? Now, eight cycles of 252 years was last year, 2016. The cycle finished.

00:10:53 The paper cycle ended in 2016. Why are we all sitting here? Okay, let's look at the U.S. dollar.

00:11:05 This is a chart which I prepare for my subscribers. I'm giving it to you today who's everybody, that's why I appreciate you being here. We got a couple of really interesting charts for you.

00:11:13 This is a long term chart in the U.S. dollar. I said last year, the U.S. dollar, I didn’t interview when I did a video when I said the U.S. dollar finished in the December of 2016. Nobody believed me. Very big analyst kept saying that dollar is going up, going up. Guess what? Everyone of them have been wrong. The dollar is not going up. It's going down, okay? The dollar is finished as of December 2016.

00:11:40 You'll notice, the chart that I've drawn for you. All that's we're seeing right now, you'll see the head pattern in December. That is when gold bottom, that $1,124. That was the head formation on a head and shoulders pattern. There's called a neckline on a chart pattern which just broke Thursday last week, okay?

00:12:03 The dollar is about the free fall. It's the support line goes back to the year 2014 and actually years before that. The dollar is finish and when it starts to free fall, guess which direction goal is going to go. It's not going to down I promise you. If you look at the blue line, it's the dollar currently trades at 97.2 and if you look at the blue circle cycle point, it's about the free fall.

00:12:35 That's God's money. Raise your hands, who knows what it is? It's gold and silver. That's right. It's the antidollar. I phrase that. I like it. It's funny.

00:12:52 When will gold and silver be money again? Again, short of a miracle, never. Who's the author of miracles? God. I'm ready for miracle. How about you guys? Let's look at some calculations.

00:13:16 Let's have a possible look into the future. Calculation number one. I've shown you this already. Eight cycles of 252 years, that dollar is finish. As of December 2016, that was also gold's final bottom at 1124. Calculation number two, Passover. I'm going to sure if you know what Passover is, but that was when Moses took everybody at a bandage. Passover ended on April 18th, 40 days. Please pay attention. 40 days and 40 nights someone Passover ended. Guess when that is. Today. Things are happening. They're going to happen very, very soon.

00:14:13 Let's look at the Tenth Jubilee cycles. 1917, the Turks lost Jerusalem. 50 years later, we're at the six day war. 50 years later, you got next month June 2017. Calculation number four, so let's look at that. The war began on June 5th, 1967. You add 49, 7 times 7 is 49 plus 1 is 50. You got a 50 a the year Jubilee. 50 years from June 5th, 1967, June 5th, 2017, go at the end would be June 10th, 2017, after the sixth days, the day of rest will be June 11th of 2017. Is something going to happen? I don’t know, but I tell you watch June.

00:15:20 Now, that was the calculation. Lastly, we're going to look at cycles or basically pattern analysis. This is some private chart that I have from my subscribers. Let's look at some possible look into the future again.

00:15:36 This is silver. Please study the charts. I think everybody knows the alphabet, right? We got A,B, C, D, E, F, G. Show of hands, what's going to happen tomorrow? What's going to happen next week? We don’t know, right? We don’t know how the cycles are going to play out unless we have a basis, a historic cycle to compare it to.

00:16:01 Here's a private cycle. My subscribers have this. Okay, please. Private. Don’t post this. This is for you guys for being here.

00:16:11 Do you see ABC? What is the bible say? What has been will be again. What has been done will be none again. There is nothing new under the sun. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, June. Gold and silver will spike in June. The mining sector will spike in June. The worse performing asset, the junior minors are really going to move in June.

00:17:07 Both. Cycles and calculations both indicate a miracle. Comes in 2017, it starts next month will last for years. You were all in the right place, in the right time. A monetary shift is about to hit the gold industry.

00:17:35 Thank you for all being here.