Equity Guru Brings Straight Talk To Upcoming Extraordinary Future Conference

Photo: Equity Guru Brings Straight Talk To Upcoming Extraordinary Future Conference

Chris Parry has a long list of references when it comes to publishing. Before he started featuring companies on Equity Guru, he turned Stockhouse around. No small feat, especially with more than half a million Canadian Dollars in revenue realized in his first year on the job.

Today Equity Guru works to promote up and coming stocks, with a no BS approach to the market. The FAQ on their website lays their position bare, with the advice, “You shouldn't trust anyone.” Not to take these words out of context, the FAQ goes on to say that every investor is responsible for doing their own due diligence, and that is exactly what Equity Guru contributes to.

There are a lot of small companies out there, and picking the right one can net an investor a huge return. One look over the list of issuers that Equity Guru is covering will give you an idea of the kinds of returns that people are hoping for, given the amount of risk on the table. Some of the companies like Patriot One Technologies create revenue, and are definitely worth keeping on your watch list.

Millennials and Madmen

Equity Guru has a brilliantly simple disclosure philosophy, they will tell you whether or not they own a stock, and that they are taking money to promote it, or not. No gray area there, just straight to the throat capitalism with transparency as far as the eye can see.

The upside to a site like Equity Guru is the exposure that small companies receive, many of which may never show up on an investor's radar otherwise. One of the great parts about this site is the level of access it gives to investors who don't have a fortune to invest in research, but don't have the time to do all their own research.

Fresh Perspectives

When Chris Parry started revamping Stockhouse in 2013, he decided that sectors like bio tech, tech and cannabis needed to get some coverage. His moves ended up helping to drive traffic to all time highs and within the first year Stockhouse netted more that 1 million unique users on a monthly basis.

This same desire to put interesting industries out into the public eye seems to have grown at Equity Guru, and Chris Parry will be presenting at the upcoming Extraordinary Future Conference in Vancouver. There will be a host of interesting guests giving their views on the world of investing and technology, and tickets are still available.

Have a look through all the other presenters here, and think about what you are doing on September 20th. If you want to know more about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Blockchain technology, the future of health, energy in the 21th century or space exploration, making the conference would be a good move.