KeyStone Financial Presents Investors With Advantages In Changing Marketplace

Photo: KeyStone Financial Presents Investors With Advantages In Changing Marketplace

Research is what makes the difference between knowing the company that a person invests in, and just throwing money at the market, with emotionally driven hopes of gain. KeyStone Financial is a leading provider of independent equity market research for the Canadian and U.S. markets, with a range of products to fit just about any investor's needs.

Aaron Dunn CFA is a Senior Equity Analyst at KeyStone financial, and he plans to give the attendees of the upcoming Extraordinary Future Conference in Vancouver insight into what drives a value based investment strategy. Many of the stocks that are listed on the TSX-V don't generate any sort of income for investors, nor do they have revenue sources.

The ability to differentiate between investing and speculating is an idea that Mr. Dunn can explain using concrete metrics. This allows investors a means of identifying factors that allow them to remove risk from their portfolio, and invest their money with knowledge instead of hope.

Knowing The Market

KeyStone Financial crafts detailed reports for a variety of market sectors in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Buy/Sell recommendations across a range of risk levels. Every investor is going to have a different profile for both risk and desired income. This makes getting an inside look at how a company operates important, and what assets they have a necessity.

Aaron Dunn views companies dispassionately, and looks for the bottom line when it comes to why they exist. When an investor buys a share in a company that isn't making any sort of financial return, the amount of risk they are taking on may be greater than they realize. That is why people like Mr. Dunn are able to help investors to get the most from their money, and avoid potentially catastrophic losses.

There are always going to be stories about the junior mining stock that returned many times what it cost to purchase, but it is important to see that extraordinary performance is the exception, not the rule. By using well researched reports, anyone will be giving themselves a leg up on uninformed investors.

Create A Profile

When an investor takes control over their own investments, it is important that they know the amount of risk they are willing to take on, and set performance goals for their investments. This means doing a lot of research, so they have a good idea what the shares they buy offer them.

KeyStone's Income Stock Research Service gives investors a range of risk levels to choose from, as well as income from companies that generate a profit. This gives the shares an intrinsic value, even in a volatile market environment.

Aaron Dunn is a driving force in the development of these portfolios, and he is glad to discuss the reasons why investors need to be aware in today's marketplace. The upcoming Extraordinary Future Conference will feature Mr. Dunn, as well as a number of other leading voices in Canada's corporate and investment community.