Victory Square Invests In The Future Of Canadian Healthcare

Photo: Victory Square Invests In The Future Of Canadian Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors out there today. People are looking for new ideas to stay healthy, and companies that work in healthcare are looking for ways to be more efficient. Victory Square has a history of supporting cutting edge ideas, and recently they turned their attention to healthcare.

A few months ago they announced the formation of a new venture that seeks to encourage the development of novel healthcare technology that can both benefit humanity, and generate profits. Their initial focus is Type II diabetes, and over the last few months, they have been busy acquiring stakes in companies they see a lot of potential in.

Diabetes is a huge problem for healthcare providers around the world, and according to the CDC and Diabetes Canada, one in three people suffers from diabetes globally. In the U.S. and Canada the rate is somewhat lower, though according to their estimates, more than 125 million people currently suffer from the disease in North America alone.

Huge Costs

While diseases like Ebola and AIDS get a lot of media attention, diabetes is one of the most dangerous conditions that exists. Deaths from diabetes on a yearly basis approach the death toll from all cancers combined, and it is also one of the leading causes of amputation and blindness.

For a disease that is so dangerous, diabetes isn't very well understood, nor is there a reliable treatment that leads to a cure. In fact, there are a number of complications that can arise from routine diabetes treatment, depending on a person's individual body chemistry.

One of the acquisitions that Victory Square Health made recent was a 33% stake in Personalized Biomarkers Inc. This is an early stage company that also focuses on more effective treatment of diabetes, by using a screening kit to prevent potentially harmful reactions. The idea that Personalized Biomarkers is developing has been shown to be effective for people who suffer from diabetes, but the potential for use with other diseases is also very promising.

New Views

Positive changes happen when smart people come together with a focus to create new ways of doing things. Victory Square's new push into diabetes research is already yielding positive movement towards realistic solutions. If you want to know more about where their focus is, Dean Sutton, the CEO of Victory Square Health will be presenting at the Extraordinary Future Conference on September 20th, in Vancouver.

The overlap between healthcare and technology is vast, and the Extraordinary Future Conference will bring together an array of investors and innovators to discuss how technological advances can benefit us all. If you are interested in Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, energy in the 21th century or commercial space exploration, think about coming to the conference.

There will be lots of new ideas floating around, and many of the presenters have revolutionary new ideas that can help people. Great ideas don't just happen on their own, we all have to work to make a great future possible!