Junior Resource Market Commentary from Respected Analyst Mr. John Kaiser

Mr. John Kaiser, founder of Kaiser Research and perennial Cambridge House keynote speaker, had some strong words to say about the precious metals and junior resource markets tonight. We think you should read them. 

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Gold as a Positive Economic Indicator
Via The Gold Report
November 14, 2011
by John Kaiser

What we have seen is a negative response by ordinary investors to a deteriorating economic outlook for the United States and the world, which we might call a correction of expectations. But what worries me about a long-term trend is the growing prevalence of volatility-based profit harvesting, high-frequency and algorithmic trading paired with the elimination of the downtick rule for short selling, which allows traders to push markets down or up at will and in the process destroy perceptions of value in the market. This has been particularly intense in the junior resource sector, which the TSX.V is dominated by, because these companies, generally, do not have revenues and cash flow, the usual measures by which value is assigned.

It is very difficult to develop a visualization of what a venture project is all about, what it could become and turn that into a market valuation that enables the company to finance its projects at minimal dilution to existing shareholders. It is much easier to pound the order book, fill it with sells and completely undermine the perception of the people who have been investing for value. The bottom line is that we have seen a withdrawal of value-style investors from this market, both at the retail and sophisticated levels. As an example of how significant this has been, during February, the Venture Exchange averaged $310 million (M) worth of trading per day. By October, the average value traded had plunged to $94M per day...

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