's Peter Spina Brings Solid Research To Metals Investing

Photo:'s Peter Spina Brings Solid Research To Metals Investing

In the early days of the internet, Peter Spina launched what would become one of the most popular websites there is for precious metals investing. was founded before gold made its now famous “Brown Bottom” between 1999 and 2002, and Peter Spina has been looking for value in the gold and sliver markets ever since.

Today is the third most popular websites for information on the gold market, and it houses a wealth of information for investors, for free. Mr. Spina is also a guest on major media outlets, as well as a number of specialist investment programs for more specific market segments. He also has a track record of making great stock picks, some of which have netted him, and his readers, sizable gains.

One of the things that has made Peter Spina so successful is his attention to detail, and his ability to both research and trade the market. There is an art to making sure you have enough cash to take advantage of great share prices when they come around, and knowing that you are getting an outsized value for your money.

A Popular Play

The company that was formerly known as “Brazil Resources Inc.” has been on Mr. Spina's radar for a while now. Today they are called “GoldMining Inc.” and they have amassed quite a pile of gold resources all over the Americas. The resources they have acquired via acquisition over the last 18 months would be enough to justify their current share price, but the person at the helm of the company is something of an industry favorite.

Both Doug Casey and Marin Katusa have spoken well of GoldMining's chairman, Amir Adnani, which bodes well for this company going forward. Over the course of this year, GoldMining took over the La Mina project in Colombia, and also more recently they closed a deal for a 100% interest in the La Caldera project in Peru. These acquisitions come on top of a number of other projects they already owned, and neither deal will represent a major dilution to existing shareholders.

If gold's price were to move up by a few hundred dollars, or a major mining company wanted to add reserves on the cheap, GoldMining might be a likely candidate for a pop in its share price. The only real downside is that they aren't yet making a profit, but as their two most recent deals show, the team at GoldMining knows how to fuel expansion without washing out existing shareholders.

Loads of Information

Some investors prefer the safety of physical bullion, while others want to add the potential for gain by buying shares in a mining or streaming company that deals in the precious metal sector. If you want to gain leverage to a rising gold or silver price, there are a lot of options out there. Depending on what your investment goals are, and your tolerance for risk, there are stocks out there that may be perfect for you.

The upcoming Silver and Gold Summit in San Francisco on November 20th and 21st will feature presentations from Peter Spina, Doug Casey and Marin Katusa, among many others. Companies like GoldMining are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential opportunities for metals investors. The Silver and Gold Summit will help you know what options are out there, with expert analysis from some of the most successful resource investors alive.