Drones Offer Canada Innovative Solutions For Everyday Problems

Photo: Drones Offer Canada Innovative Solutions For Everyday Problems

The drone industry has taken off in a big way all over the world. Today there are many industries that are looking for ways to use drones to save money, and make their operations more efficient. In addition to the private sector, there are many areas in the Canadian government that are looking to use drones for everything from highway monitoring, to national defense.

When it comes right down to it, drones offer capabilities that we are just beginning to understand. One area where drones have little competition is aerial surveillance, and in Canada, there are a number projects underway to take advantage of what drones can do. There aren't any other forms of aerial photography that can match drones in terms of cost, or convenience, so it is no surprise that industries across Canada are working to implement drone based imaging.

Drones also offer unique logistical advantages, and this has become the focus of a Canadian company that is developing drones to benefit some of the most isolated communities in Canada. While many have focused on the negative aspects of drone technology, or the risks to privacy, there really isn't any reason to worry when we see all of the positive thing that drones technology can be used for.

A Better View

One of the first things that John Church thought of when he saw children playing with a drone was how much they could benefit cattle ranchers. He is an associate professor in the natural resource sciences department of Thompson Rivers University at Kamloops, B.C, which is an area that has a lot of agricultural activity.

Associate Professor Church estimates that hiring a helicopter to fly around and find lost cattle would cost between $1000-$1500 CAD an hour, so buying a drone would make a lot of sense for just about any rancher. Almost any drone would be paid off after the first hour or two of use of use, and it can also be used for many other things on the ranch.

Large scale farms are also working to implement drone technology, and recently Climate Corp., a division of Ag giant Monsanto, teamed up with Toronto-based Deveron UAS to integrate drones into their data gathering workflow, which has been based on satellite imaging up to this point.

Clearly drones offer significant cost savings when compared to orbital technology, but they also give farmers the ability to swoop down to get a detailed look at a potential problem. Different kinds of drones can be used together on a farm to achieve different kinds of imaging, and there isn't any other kind of technology that can match them in either price or capability.

Gaining Access

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) is a Canadian drone company with a social conscious. Tony Di Benedetto is the driving force behind DDC, and his Ontario based company just received regulatory approval to begin testing his logistical drones in the remote communities of Moose Factory, and Moosonee.

The problem is simple, but finding solutions for these two First Nations communities was difficult before the advent of affordable drones. Moose Factory is hard to reach in the spring and fall, due to the hazardous conditions in the water that surrounds the island. It is often too dangerous to risk crossing the thin ice, or going across in a boat. But DDC's drones can cross the water in most weather conditions, and bring badly needed items almost any time.

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