Canadian Cloud Hosting Offers Clear Advantages Over Increasingly Politicized Culture In USA

Photo: Canadian Cloud Hosting Offers Clear Advantages Over Increasingly Politicized Culture In USA

It is funny to consider the effects that the US Patriot Act has on cloud based data storage. But when it comes to data security, pretty much any data stored on a computer in the USA is subject to seizure by the US Government.

This has made a number of companies from across the world very nervous about dealing with US based cloud hosting services, including tech giant Microsoft's offerings. BAE Systems made news a few years ago when it flatly refused to do business with Microsoft, after Microsoft told BAE Systems that its data may be stored on servers outside of Europe.

While this has been a major stumbling block for US based cloud hosting and SaaS companies, it has opened up opportunities for Canadian IT companies like TeraGo Networks.

In many cases European or Asian companies are looking for secure storage solutions that are off continent, and while the USA isn't a practical solution for security reasons, Canada offers top tier service, native English and French speaking staff, with world class infrastructure.

No Longer A Niche

The advantages that cloud based computing offers big corporations are substantial. TeraGo Networks has been working to provide secure communication solutions for businesses for more than a decade, so their transition to cloud based services was a natural fit. From the looks of it, their business model is doing quite well, and over the last few months they opened another data center in Ontario.

A need for North American based servers is probably going to grow as time goes on, and Canada has some intrinsic properties that make it a very desirable location for a build out in infrastructure to enable the next phase of cloud based storage to come online.

The climate in Canada is a big benefit to large scale computing, as the cold seasons knock down on the costs associated with keeping a server farm at optimal temperatures. Canada also is known for its political stability, and willingness to allow skilled workers from other countries to come and contribute to technological progress that will benefit the world as a whole.

Growing Nexus Point

Canada has been a focus for a number of cutting edge investments over the last few years, with tech heavyweights like Google, DeepMind and Apple making investments in Canadian based companies, or funding new operations in Canada that take advantage of a well educated workforce that gets results.

While the pivot towards protectionism in the USA is a huge benefit to the Canadian tech sector, Canada has been working to develop a educational structure that flows seamlessly into the highest levels of tech development for decades. In many ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are as much a result of Canadian innovation as work done anywhere else in the world.

Today there are opportunities for synergies between a number of high tech fields, with some obvious connections between big data, ML, AI and the cloud. If you are interested in how these technologies could be integrated to increase efficiency, and create new ways of doing business, the Cantech Investment Conference is an incredible resource.

Sectors like Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, VR/AR, AI and Machine Learning will leading the way forward in the world of finance, record keeping, and interactivity, so making it a point to see where these industries are going makes a lot of sense.

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