Billionaire Canadian investor: In times like these, look to gold, rare art and select real estate for capital preservation.

Giustra ClintonFor those of you who don't know, the man to the left of the president is Frank Giustra, one of Vancouver's most prominent financiers. To our knowledge, he was materially involved in the creation of Wheaton River Minerals (now Goldcorp), Urasia Energy (now Uranium One), and Lions Gate Films (now a major motion picture studio).

Gold, energy and movies. With precision timing. "That's how you become a billionaire," David Galland, managing director of Casey Research, said of Giustra's career.

Casey Research chairman Mr. Doug Casey once told your author, "Frank Giustra is a genius. Actually a genius." And he looked at me in the eye to make sure I understood. President Clinton is obviously fond of him as well. The pair have a history well known to the media.

Giustra rarely speaks out publicly, but when he does, we at Cambridge House listen. In 2002, Mr. Giustra published “A Tarnished Dollar Will Put the Shine on Gold,” making his case for a coming gold bull market. Gold did indeed shine and is up nearly 500% since then.

In his contribution to the Sun, Mr. Giustra outlines his belief that the debt situation in Europe and the U.S. is out of control and inevitably, central banks will resort to inflation -- printing money -- to cure their financial ills.

As we all know from history, printing money only leads to the devaluation of currency. Therefore, Mr. Giustra says, precious metals, select real estate, and collectible art will be the only safe havens for investors to protect from what he calls, “STDs (saving’s total destruction).”

But read it for yourself. Here is Mr. Giustra’s post, “We’ve been down this path before.” We highly recommend you read it, tweet it, and govern yourself accordingly.