Vancouver Resources Investment Conference Opens Tomorrow!

Photo: Vancouver Resources Investment Conference Opens Tomorrow!

It is going to be a big day tomorrow, with this year's Vancouver Resources Investment Conference all set to open its doors to the public.

In addition to more than 250 mining companies that extract a range of valuable elements and fuel sources, there will be some of the most successful resource investors on the planet in one place tomorrow. It is sure to be an action packed convention, with a lot of great ideas in the air.

The last few years have been a little rough in the mining sector, but over the last 18 months, things have really turned around. Last year saw Canadian listed miners raise the most money since 2012, and there are numerous elements that are needed in much higher quantities.

At the moment, zinc is the hot story. But over the last year, copper, nickel, cobalt and lithium have been seeing much higher levels of interest from the markets.

Planning For Development

Our world needs more of just about everything, and some of the minor elements like cobalt are starting to attract a lot of attention.

The price of cobalt has been especially strong over the last year, but what many people may not realize is that level of scarcity that could develop over the nest decade if there isn't a big shift on the supply side.

It is interesting to consider the level of misinvestment and oversight that has brought the developed world to the point where a search engine is worth the better part of a trillion US Dollars, and the miners that make it possible to build the infrastructure that makes it all work had a hard time finding financing.

There is something of a disconnect in the way that minerals are mined, and how they are sold. While base and precious metals are sold in highly active markets, the mines that supply them can take as much as a decade to bring online.

This means that when the demand profile for an element like cobalt changes quickly, the supply side of the equation could take years to change.

What is true for cobalt is more or less the case for all the major metals, and as the world begins to shift away from fossil fuels, it is important to consider how the mining sector will have to expand to facilitate solid investments in a more sustainable future.

Real Talent

The VRIC also delivers a lot of talent to the investing world. It would be hard to find another conference with the sheer number of resource industry leaders that will be at the Vancouver Convention Center West tomorrow.

Big names like Doug Casey, Rick Rule, Frank Holmes and Marin Katusa will be at the VRIC, but there are also industry analysts like Peter Spina, Adrian Day and David Morgan who are scheduled to attend. There have been a number of bullish calls on precious metals recently, and with the bounce that gold saw after the FED raised interest rates, it isn't difficult to see how precious metals could rise right along with interest rates.

As much as the base metals have been ignored by the wider investment community for years, the precious metals sector was hit especially hard. After gold's price peaked in 2011, it has been a rough ride for the industry as a whole. But some savvy investors knew how to use this weakness to their advantage, and from the ashes of the bear market, companies like GoldMining Inc. were born.

There are a number of resource companies that still probably aren't being fairly valued by the market, and the VRIC is the perfect place to meet the people that run them. The CEO of both GoldMining Inc. and Uranium Energy Corp, Amir Adnani, will be at the VRIC, among many industry leaders.

If you are interested in what is happening in the mining sector, it isn't too late to make plans to attend the VRIC. Registration open at 7:30 AM, and there will be nonstop presentations and panel discussions all day long. Cambridge House is thrilled to be a part of this year's VRIC, and we hope to see you there!