Nano Technology Has Potential To Speed Progress In Various Fields

Photo: Nano Technology Has Potential To Speed Progress In Various Fields

Nano technology has wide ranging applications in many areas. While the development of nano tech is happening across the planet, Canada has already created some nanotech products that show incredible potential.

One of the big assets that Canada brings to the table is a system of excellent universities, and a long track record of allowing promising students and professionals work and study in Canada.

There are many areas that could be revolutionized by Canadian led nanotech development. In a recent flurry of developments, TSX-V listed Nano One has announced that many of their research programs aimed at reducing the need for vital elements in next generation batteries have been successful.

Another less well known company, Eastgate Biotech Corp., has employed nano technology in order to create a pill that would change the levels of insulin in human bodies. This is possibly the biggest breakthrough in diabetes treatment, well, ever, and it is all happening right here in Canada.

Less Is More

Nano One's research centers around using nano materials to increase the efficiency of battery technology, while reducing the need for materials like cobalt and lithium. They are also working on creating nano based solutions to problems like battery life, and reduced charge capacity as the battery is cycled.

Many of their pilot programs have shown that their ideas can quickly be translated into viable materials, and further research has given them hope that their production technology can be scaled up to commercial levels without issue.

The end result of their work should be batteries for Electric Vehicles that last longer, require less exotic elements to fabricate, and allow the use of different types of feed materials. All of this is great news to battery makers across the planet, who are scrambling to lock in supplies of lithium and cobalt.

Better for Everyone

In countries where there is any level of socialized medicine, diabetes is a public health nightmare when it comes to the tax burden it creates.

It is difficult to estimate the financial costs that diabetes creates for the Canadian Public Health system, as there are many side effects from diabetes that can make diabetics far more expensive to treat.

Needless to say, any help for treating diabetes is welcome. Not only has Eastgate Biotech created a nano tech based solution for treating diabetes, their pill has the potential to eliminate many of the daily troubles that diabetics have to live with currently.

Eastgate Biotech is a very small company, and like many biotech start-ups, they need constant injections of fresh capital to keep their products moving closer to the market. Given the potentially massive assistance a insulin controlling pill could have for diabetics everywhere, it wouldn't be hard to see how the Canadian government could get involved to help support the delivery of this great new idea to market.

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Nano One is scheduled to be there, and there will also be a other of companies that operate in the Blockchain, VR/AR tech, AI, machine learning and drone development sectors. It is important to realize that there are many overlapping areas when it comes to these cutting edge areas of research, so making solid connections could make the world a better place for everyone!