Energy Revolution Means New Sources of Copper Are Vital

Photo: Energy Revolution Means New Sources of Copper Are Vital

There are some big changes coming. We are living at a time when the defacto global energy sources, which mostly fossil fuels, are on the cusp of being replaced.

For all of their drawbacks, fossil fuels do offer some advantages.

When a person wants to use gasoline or diesel to fuel their car, the energy is released in the motor. This isn't great for pollution, but it does create an infrastructure that only has to deliver liquid to filling stations.

Now, governments and auto companies are rethinking transportation. Add to that the fact that wind power is now one of the cheapest forms of electrical generation, and it is easy to see how our energy mix is evolving.

New Challenges

Electric vehicles and low carbon power generation offer some incredible benefits. But when it comes to moving the electrical energy, there are some things that need to be addressed. One of the biggest issues with moving towards integrating clean energy is figuring out where all the copper is going to come from.

Today a substantial portion of our copper comes from old mines that aren't going to be able to meet the needs of a changing world. This makes identifying new sources important, so nations have access to the metals they need for a better future.

Copperbank Resources Corp.

After the commodity market cratered, Copperbank sprung into action. They were able to buy three great early stage copper properties in ultra low risk jurisdictions.

Their Pyramid project, located on an island in San Diego Bay, Alaska, is close to deep water, and also the Asian smelters that would be a likely destination or their product.

Copperbank is currently valued at less than C$15 million, which is a far cry from the amount of money an investor would need in order to acquire a portfolio of properties similar to what they own.

FILO Mining

The Filo del Sol project that straddles the border between Argentina and Chile has a potential resource of billions of pounds of copper, and millions of ounces of gold. FILO Mining Corp. is the sole owner of the project.

Additionally, they control a highly prospective land package around what could be another world class mining district in Southern Cone. With a new administrations in Chile and Argentina that are very business friendly, keeping an eye on how Filo del Sol develops is a smart idea.

NGEx Resources

The Los Helados project is a promising Chilean multi billion pound copper-gold project that NGEx has a majority stake in. Their exploration partner in Los Helados is Pan Pacific Copper, who operates the Caserones mine, which is located 12 km away from Los Helados.

When the indicated and inferred resources at Los Helados are added up, there are more than 20 billion pounds of copper, and 12 million ounces of gold. NGEx also has a 100% interest in the Josemaria copper-gold project, which is right across the border in Argentina.

Digging Deeper

Current copper producers aren't in any position to meaningfully increase production, let alone pump it up by a multiple of where it sits today. This means that more mines are going to have to come online, even in a market where the price is rising.

Gianni Kovacevic is a forward thinking resource investor. In addition to being an influential part of Copperbank Resources, he is an author that keeps his eye on where technology is going. If you want to know more about what he thinks is coming next, check out this presentation from this year's VRIC.

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