The Top 3 Investor Insights Of July 2018

Photo: The Top 3 Investor Insights Of July 2018

Last month was especially interesting as we looked at a wide range of topics from the state of uranium and cannabis, to tips to help avoid common mistakes investors make. In our monthly roundup, we bring together the most popular investing topics and also look at companies investors are watching.

Why Uranium Is Still A High Powered Investment in 2018

The uranium market is probably in the process of forming a bottom. The price of U308 has been stable since 2017 began, and today it is actually showing sight gains over the last year or two. None of this has done much to help the share prices for uranium companies, which could mean opportunities...Read More

The Top Three Mistakes Investors Make

Making money in the resource sector isn't easy. Many investors see the fundamentals for a metal like gold or copper and want to buy into what they view as a great opportunity. The problem is, the mining sector trades a lot differently than the commodities it produces. This makes investing more...Read More

Finding New Investing Opportunities in Canadian Cannabis

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, there are going to be a few changes to a market that was operating in a legal gray area for decades. One of the biggest changes to the cannabis industry is an increased level of oversight. Specifically, the rules that govern the ownership and operation of...Read More

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