Is Uranium Still A Serious Investment in 2018?

Photo: Is Uranium Still A Serious Investment in 2018?

In July our feature article “Why Uranium Is Still A High Powered Investment in 2018” shed light on the incredible opportunity with Uranium this year. In particular, we noted that the biggest advantage for uranium investors is the level of consolidation that has taken place in the junior sector over the last decade.

The good news is that there is no better place than the upcoming Silver and Gold Summit, to gain a stronger grasp of the emerging Uranium market. In fact, Marin Katusa will host a discussion on Uranium in America featuring Energy Fuels (TSX: EFR), UR Energy (TSX: URE) and Uranium Energy Corp (NYSE: UEC).

Katusa is a must-see speaker and moderator who will be drawing a large crowd at this year’s Silver and Gold Summit which will take place on October 28-29 in San Francisco. Register now and save 30% with promo code “SILVER30” to get insights from leading investment experts such as Marin Katusa, Rick Rule, Frank Curzio, Mike Alkin, Rob McEwen, and many more.

Fun fact about Uranium: The main use for uranium today is for fuel in power plants. Nuclear power plants generate power by causing a controlled fission chain reaction using uranium. This produces a huge amount of energy from a small amount of uranium. Surprisingly out of all the most modern clean-energy sources, Uranium is the safest type of energy to produce. Check out this infographic we put together with the help of

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