Watch The Best Deals This Year Compete for Investors Attention

Photo: Watch The Best Deals This Year Compete for Investors Attention

The simple fact is investing in the technology sector can be difficult for even the experienced investor. With a seemingly endless list of companies and new innovations happening all the time, how does an investor stay ahead of the game and profit?

At Extraordinary Future 18 in September we hosted a brand new feature called the Off The Radar Pitch Competition. Five companies offering both innovation and amazing investment opportunities were hand-picked and given their chance to compete for some major capital in front of a panel of experts and a room full of investors.

The companies competing in this years event were:

  • HopKidz Technologies - Offering a digital solution to childcare
  • Diabits - A game-changing way to manage diabetes
  • The Gaming Stadium - Building the first eSports venue in Canada​​​​​​​
  • Livecare - The future of digital healthcare​​​​​​​
  • Careteam - Changing the fundamentals of healthcare through technology

Companies were given just ten minutes to give their best pitch in front of a panel of investment experts. The judges didn’t pull any punches and asked the tough questions investors would want to know before handing over their money.

While all the companies held their own, there could only be one winner….and the company that offered the most value to investors was Diabits!

The judges were all blown away with the level of innovation, real-world applications and investment potential Diabits founder Amir Heyar presented.

You can watch the full competition below!