2019 & Beyond: Electrification Takes Centre Stage

Photo: 2019 & Beyond: Electrification Takes Centre Stage

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Gianni Kovacevic

The global energy trade is pivoting towards a world powered by the magnificence of electricity. This 100-year trend is just getting started, find out how you can prosper from it!

Why it's Important: The enablers of electrification take centre stage. During late 2018 Gianni Kovacevic travelled around the world - 5 continents over 3 weeks as the featured V.I.P. keynote speaker at prestigious energy conferences. Find out what keeps Big Energy Leadership awake at night and the sectors that are totally under-researched and under-appreciated - this is a massive opportunity for well informed investors.

The investment opportunity: Hiding in plain sight - Gianni will share the fascinating behind the scenes look at what the global energy trade is pivoting towards to position themselves for the future of energy. Revenge of the miners - find out who, where, what and why!

Don’t Miss Out: This is an incredible time to come catch Gianni at The World’s Largest Resource Investment Conference that happens only once a year. Register for VRIC before it's too late.


Gianni's Bio: Gianni Kovacevic is a thought leader on realistic environmentalism, a well known investor in the natural resource sector and an expert on all things related to copper. He is a sought after speaker who fascinates audiences with his artful storytelling and picturesque analysis that makes complicated theories interesting and far more understandable. His recently published book, "My Electrician Drives a Porsche?", inspires readers how to become aware participants in the trends of changing demographics and technology by illustrating what makes their combination possible and how this will affect many aspects of our daily lives.