US & China Trade War - A Rational Speculator’s Portfolio

Photo: US & China Trade War - A Rational Speculator’s Portfolio

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Jayant Bhandari

The US dollar has increased in value, given the “America First,” pro-business changes that Trump administration has undertaken. There is fear in the market from the trade-war between the US and China, which in my view will end up as nothing but noise. Going forward, in 2019, as the US reduces its military engagement in the Third World, the latter will become increasingly unstable, which means that the markets to invest in will continue to be of developed countries and China.

Why it's Important: “A Rational Speculator’s Portfolio.” Too many investors erroneously use the mining sector as a vehicle for commodity price speculation. This results in wealth-destruction, as investors focus on leverage rather than value. China’s demand for commodities has continued to increase exponentially. This has failed to make money for the mining sector. Those investors who have focused on good companies, with good management and good projects, have however profited.

The investment opportunity: Good companies, managements and jurisdictions are ignored by investors in the bear-market, creating an increasing discrepancy between inherent value of the stocks and their market prices. Novo Resources, Irving Resources, Nevsun Resources, etc. have done well for their investors. I want to explain my approach to forming a portfolio, using Keras Resources (LSE:KRS; £0.0030), Altus Strategies (ALTS; C$0.04), Amarillo Gold (AGC; C$0.23), Condor Resources (CN; C$0.05), Energold (EGD; C$0.17), FPX Nickel (FPX; C$0.10), Lorraine Copper (LLC; C$0.10), Nkwe Platinum (NKP; A$0.067), etc.

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