How to Profit from Political Idiocy in 2019 and Beyond

Photo: How to Profit from Political Idiocy in 2019 and Beyond

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Fabi Lara

I see investors feeling very uncertain about the US markets, with Asian and European markets showing similar lacklustre returns, if any at all. Uncertainty is very often a precedent for a bear market and we are long overdue one in the equities market.

Why it's Important: Added to this, a worldwide shift towards right-leaning policies brings yet another level of confusion. But it’s precisely these changes in policy that may bring the greatest opportunities of 2019. Whether it’s reducing regulation or the implementation of quotas or tariffs, making bets on exotic resources becomes a lot easier for those who are paying attention.

The investment opportunity: From a potential explosion in the American uranium market to a little known mineral in a promising emerging economy, the next twelve months is gearing up to reward political-based speculations handsomely. With the current soft prices in mining juniors, the risk-reward ratio of these bets is even more attractive for those who position themselves now.

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