Why Commodities Should Perform This Year and Top Picks

Photo: Why Commodities Should Perform This Year and Top Picks

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Sid Rajeev

The strong US$ impacted prices of most of the commodities in 2018. Zinc suffered the most (down 16% YoY), followed by platinum (down 12% YoY), and silver (down 7% YoY). The TSXV is down 29% YoY.

Why it's Important: We expect commodity prices to strengthen in 2019 from a weakness in the US$, driven by a slower expected U.S. GDP growth in 2019, tariffs imposed on Chinese goods, as well as a potential for China to reduce its exposure to U.S. treasury holdings.

The investment opportunity: I will talk about the key commodities to watch in 2019, along with specific investment opportunities in each sector. Our two best picks were up 205% and 114% since we initiated coverage over 12 months ago.

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