Your Exclusive Access to the Digital Securities Revolution

Photo: Your Exclusive Access to the Digital Securities Revolution

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Frank Curzio

The next generation of crypto assets is here. They’re called digital securities… and I’m about to give you front-row access to this potential trillion-dollar industry.

Digital securities have little in common with utility tokens. Utility tokens (which represent more than 90% of the cryptos currently trading) are not backed by anything. They just provide you with the right to use a company’s products and services.

In other words, you do not have an equity stake in utility tokens. If these companies get bought out for billions of dollars… as a utility token holder - you get nothing.

Digital securities get their value from an external, tradable asset. Their value is directly linked to a real asset, like a company, building, or work of art. They must meet certain regulatory requirements that ensure fair treatment for investors.

In short… digital tokens will trade more like stocks. They will trade on regulated exchanges (over a dozen are expected to launch over the next six months). And these exchanges will be open 24 hours a day.

Why it's Important: Digital securities provide a way to unlock value in illiquid assets. For example, real estate is an illiquid asset. If you own several buildings, it’s not easy to sell them right away to generate cash. Considering there are over $200 trillion in real estate assets… that’s a lot of money locked up in one sector.

Tokenization allows asset holders to sell a piece of their asset to investors. This creates a liquid market for asset owners. And it also allows individual investors to own piece of a major asset like commercial real estate, famous art, or collectibles.

The investment opportunity: Precious metals investors rarely harness and leverage the full value of a logically weighted and diversified precious metals portfolio. Achieving the primary objective related to portfolio management, the capturing of a superior risk adjusted return is often not pursued or considered not possible for the physical precious metals investor. Contrary to this belief, a genuinely superior risk adjusted return can be constructed for the precious metals investor with just a long physical position alone and without the use of derivatives.

In times past when such enormous imbalances existed between the amount of financial claims and the quantity of real things an enormous transfer of wealth occurred. Those on the right side of history were those who saw the writing on the wall and moved aggressively into hard assets, and such forms of primary wealth as land and oil, were those who did the best.

Investing is never easy, but it’s ridiculously hard when massive bubbles distort the price discovery mechanism to these unprecedented degrees. In times like these context is everything, and that’s what I’ll be providing.

Don’t Miss Out: This is an incredible opportunity that few people know about. Soon mining, biotech, oil, real estate and companies from numerous industries will “tokenize” their assets. It’s a much cheaper alternative compared to the traditional ways of raising capital… companies will no longer need to pay huge fees to middlemen… and investors will have the opportunity to invest in early stage companies -without needing to have a multi-million account at a major investment bank.

Listen as I breakdown this incredible industry at the VRIC. It’s one of my favorite conferences… that I’ve been speaking at for years. My presentation is on Sunday, Jan 20 at 2:20 PST. It’s called “Your Exclusive Access to the Digital Securities Revolution.” I look forward to seeing you in person. Register for VRIC before it's too late.