The Science of Psychedelics- Exploring Cognitive Enhancement Potentials

Photo: The Science of Psychedelics- Exploring Cognitive Enhancement Potentials

Cantech 2019 Featured Speaker: Kenneth Tupper

In recent years, there has been a renaissance in psychedelic science, where renewed clinical research has been exploring both therapeutic and cognitive enhancement potentials of drugs like psilocybin, LSD and MDMA. From at least the 1950s, the technology sector has had affinities with psychedelic sub-cultures, with micro-dosing a currently trending phenomenon in places like Silicon Valley.

Why it's Important: Technology investors are always looking for what is on the horizon in terms of science and culture, so the mainstreaming of psychedelic research should be on their radar. While clinical research findings are still preliminary, there is growing excitement about the potential for treatment of a range of mental health and addiction issues. Psychedelic neuroscience is also providing evidence for how psychedelics can disrupt engrained thought patterns to facilitate divergent and creative thinking.

The investment opportunity: This presentation will explore how psychedelics have been revived as a topic of scientific interest, and where the trends in research may be leading. If early clinical findings are borne out through larger and more rigorous studies, psychedelic medicine may represent a paradigm shift in mental health care. The policy implications of these trends would create emergent opportunities for health care innovation, and even for experiences with psychedelics to be made more generally available to healthy individuals.

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