Mining’s Next Triple Crown and Their Next Big Score

Photo: Mining’s Next Triple Crown and Their Next Big Score

It was only the 13th time in history that it happened.

In 2018, Justify won horse racing’s Triple Crown, having won the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness Stakes.

Winning all 3 titles on route to a Triple Crown is no easy task. The tracks are all different lengths and the turnaround time between races is very short.

But maybe it was always Justify’s destiny to win horse racing’s ultimate championship?

After all…

The horse was a descendant of six other horses that won the Triple Crown, including Secretariat, one of horse racing’s most famous stallions.

Not only did Justify have the bloodline of former champions, it was trained under the watchful direction of the legendary Bob Baffert.

Baffert is the only trainer in the last 88 years who’s won two Triple Crowns, having done it with American Pharaoh in 2015 and Justify in 2018.

When you have a combination of bloodline, destiny and direction, great things can happen.

And it’s not limited to horse racing either.

Pro sports feature many talents that are equal to or even greater than their previous generations, for example:

  • Dell Curry was the all-time points leader for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. His son Stephen Curry became a 3-time NBA champion and 2-time league MVP.

  • Archie Manning was a NFL quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and was a two-time pro bowler. His son’s Eli and Peyton Manning became household names and NFL superstars, having won two Super Bowl’s each.

  • Ken Griffey Sr was a 3-time all-star MLB outfielder. His son Ken Griffey Jr. was one of the most prolific home run hitters in baseball history and became a hall of famer.

Is there something that the first generation passes on to the second that compels them to outperform… that drives them to be better than their predecessors… that fuels them to succeed?

You bet.

In my hometown of Vancouver, the game is and always will be...


It’s the standard here, even if cannabis and cryptos become darlings for a period or another.

It is the lifeblood of the city and roughly half of the world’s Mining companies have head offices here.

Mining Head Offices

(Courtesy Mining Intelligence - Nov 2017)

Vancouver has served as the hub for the mining industry since the Fraser River Gold rush of 1858.

Along with the influx of people, there is also an influx of capital.

There are some solid and reputable leaders who came here with big ideas and visions and delivered for their investors.

In that group of leaders, you have bad actors mixed with the 20% of performers (under Pareto’s 80/20 Principle).

All of the mega stars in this industry share one secret to avoid getting fleeced...

Partner with people you trust, as they will bend over backwards to make things right.

What made trustworthy leaders successful is their ability to do whatever it takes to bring a win for their investors.

The mining legends from past generations are off enjoying the fruits of their labor.

There is a new generation of titans that are hungry for success and set to deliver the first bullet points on their own resumes…

The Next Generation of Mining’s Triple Crown

What if you could assemble the offspring of a group of some of mining’s biggest success stories?

One stock on my radar, that will be featured at the upcoming San Francisco Silver & Gold Summit, has the hallmarks and pedigree to make a big splash.

And fast.

It has founders with some of the richest bloodlines and access to capital that I’ve seen in years.

The bloodlines include…

  1. The Chairman of one of the world’s largest gold companies, and inductee into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame. He’s responsible for billions of dollars in profits for his shareholders, from the numerous gold and silver companies he’s founded. Including some with the most astronomical percentage returns in gold stock history.

    There’s no doubt you’ve seen a marketing package with his company’s names and charts featured.

  2. One of the most successful brokers and financiers in the entire resource sector. It’s not hard to imagine the exclusive doors this titan can open for his nephew, who is the CEO of the company.

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to the next generation of up-and-coming superstars, ready to start building their highlight reel.

And ready to reward shareholders handsomely along the way.


Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House