"For the first time in your life, the US government is telling the truth, they guarantee that they will give you back less money than you gave them"


This week, our very own Georgia Tucker sat down for a deep drive with future legend, Mark O’Dea and Sprott CEO, Rick Rule. Rick first financed Mark with Fronteer Gold at 50 cents in 2000:

“I remember that day clear as a bell. It was 2000, nobody had any money. I was one of the few guys willing to write cheques, so I was popular. Mark was the eighth conversation I’d had that day, and here is what set him apart..."

Aside from telling stories about the old days, Mark and Rick covered:

The importance of building a personal brand to lower the cost of capital

How to avoid corrosive dilution cycles

Where should new investors start in this market?

Georgia Tucker, Cambridge House

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CEO, Cambridge House

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