Drill results IMMINENT for New Placer Dome Gold

Photo: Drill results IMMINENT for New Placer Dome Gold

I meet a lot of audacious promoters in the mining business.

So why did I believe Max Sali, when 12 months ago, he told me:

I don’t care what it takes, we are going to succeed”.

I could see something in Max that I recognized, we both wake up each morning with something to prove.

It’s the chip on his shoulder. I’ve got it. And I recognize it when I see it.

I knew it would pester him to no end. I knew it would keep him up at night. I knew it would leave him in a state of perpetual, uncomfortable, dissatisfaction.

That’s why when I email Max at 5:30 am, I get a response at 5:31 am.

Max is the CEO of New Placer Dome Gold Corp. (NGLD.V).

A year ago I asked him why he started a gold company.

He responded, “Gold was doing terrible, it was trading at $1188 - so I decided to start a gold company.”

He had spent enough time listening to the titans of industry to know that if he wanted to make life-changing money - he needed to run into the fire, when everyone else was running away.

Lots of people know that - but Max actually did it.

As Rick Rule says, “it takes massive cajones, or maybe stupidity, to hang on (during those contrarian bets)”.

The bet paid off - the gold price turned the corner and then some.

Max acquired an asset in Nevada for pennies of what he would have paid today - and earlier this year expanded their portfolio by picking up the Kinsley Project from Liberty Gold.

He is cashed up, with drills turning on three exploration projects in the world's top producing gold jurisdiction (Nevada) with a massive tailwind behind him.

Last year was preparation.

This year, preparation is meeting opportunity.

I caught up with Max in the studio for a quick company update as his drill results are coming out any day now.

Judging by all the volume on their shares lately, investors are watching carefully also.

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