If you had $100K, and you didn't care if you lost it...

Photo: If you had $100K, and you didn't care if you lost it...

Last week I interviewed 15 personalities from the precious metals space for our Gold Summit - timely as Gold has since fallen off a cliff.

I wanted to share some takeaways:

For many of the guests that I had at the event, I ended the interview with two questions:

1. If you had $100,000 dollars, your time horizon was five years, and your only goal was to retain the purchasing power of your $100K - where would you put it?

I followed up with this:

2. This time you have $100K, your time horizon is still five years, but now you can absolutely afford to lose it - where is the most exciting speculation right now?

In answer to Question One - the safe haven, I heard everything from 10% in Gold to 100% in Gold.

In answer to Question Two, the speculation, almost everybody went for Gold equities. (But not everyone)

Now I take this for what it was - Peter Schiff, Adrian Day, were all in on gold and gold equities. I have to ask the question - would they have given the same answer five years ago? Nine years ago?

Frank Holmes and Lyn Alden voted for diversification - the safe haven allocations went to Gold, emerging markets, bitcoin, and a few outliers. The speculations ranged from gold equities to healthcare.

The gold bullishness did not surprise me - the consensus for terrifying pullbacks was notable - as these interviews were recorded between Nov 16 - 20, prior to golds current correction.

But a thread that I wanted to pull on, was the copper / nickel space.

Across the board - from Peter Schiff to Jeff Booth, there was an emerging focus on the battery metals space. I even included a couple outliers in the company line up - Filo Mining, a Lundin Group company with a copper dominant deposit in Argentina, and Nova Royalty - a copper / nickel royalty company. It was a gold summit - but I wanted to test the markets appetite.

When these companies presented, an interesting theme emerged in the live chat - a healthy debate began in the audience between near term copper bulls and near term bears / long term bulls.

Keep in mind - my audience is not exclusively gold bugs or even precious metals experts. Many times I've stated that I expect health science to be the biggest bull market of my generation, and I cover all sorts of innovation themes that draw people in. But the copper / renewable narrative seemed universally agreeable, with the contrast being the time horizon.

My internal purpose for hosting the Gold Summit was to increase my gold exposure. It was a success. I ended up building positions in two of our featured companies.

Next, I am looking hard at the renewable energy and battery tech space. Whether or not he meant it - President Elect Biden has claimed he will invest heavily in the US energy transition to renewables - whether or not he does, it will likely light a fire under the industry. I want to make sure I have a horse in the race. I don't know what will happen next year - but renewable energy is the inevitable future.

So I am hosting another Summit - I've lined up some amazing renewable energy personalities, to help me understand the market trends more thoroughly and remove any blindspots. Then I will sit down one-on-one with 4-5 top tier small cap CEOs in the sector, looking for the right exposure. The line up is looking awesome.

This is The Future Worlds Summit: Rebuilding the Energy Grid.

It will be hosted on our Youtube Channel on December 15, stay tuned for details.

Today, I am releasing the Lyn Alden and Peter Schiff interviews from our Gold Summit on November 23.

We have new content hitting the channel from our Gold Summit every day this week - so make sure to subscribe for updates.

Next week I will be releasing my favourite interview I have hosted to date - Fiore Group CEO, Frank Giustra.

We covered his history of entrepreneurial ventures, the broad market, the gold market and his philanthropic dedications - but he also let me press him on his passion for quantum physics and oddball concepts like simulation theory. Not knowing Frank at all prior to chatting, I was struck by how transparent, comfortable and authentic he was. Watch out for this next week.

Here is Lyn Alden and Peter Schiff.

Company Presentations from the Gold Summit:

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Osisko Gold Royalties - I sat down with Osisko's new President, Sandeep Singh. Sandeep was tapped by Osisko founder Sean Roosen to take over as President after leading a highly successful investment banking career including co-founding Maxit Capital, the leading independent financial advisor to the mining industry.

Victoria Gold - Canada's newest producing gold mine. I sat down with CEO John McConnell, who walked me through production forecasts for his new Eagle Mine.

Pure Gold Mining - Soon to be Canada's newest Gold producer. I sat down with Oxygen Capital Founder Mark O'Dea and Pure Gold CEO Darin Labrenz to get caught up on what will very soon become the 15 highest grade gold mine in the world.

Great Bear Resources: CEO Chris Taylor rocked the market this year with his drill results. We discussed the highlights of their monster 2020 exploration program and whats to come in 2021.

Josemaria Resources - CEO Adam Lundin walked me through their path to to production in familiar stomping ground - Argentina, where the Lundin Group has a history of hitting home runs.

Filo Mining - Another Lundin Group company - And one of the event favourites in the live chat - CEO Jamie Beck walked me through the game plan for his advanced stage copper-gold deposit and how he is setting the company up to capitalize on the copper supply squeeze.

Have a fantastic weekend,