What to Expect at The 2021 VRIC

Photo: What to Expect at The 2021 VRIC

On Friday night, I met with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Chief of staff. First of all - she would make an amazing interview herself. She ran through my questions for the former PM. We will cover everything from Canada’s utilization of our natural resources, Government issued digital currencies, the rise of populism and civil unrest, and more.

I’ve gotten permission to take the conversation wherever I want - fully acknowledging that the leader of a G7 Nation will run circles around me if I ask a question he doesn’t like.

I am excited for this one.

There will be 25 Keynote style interviews at the 2021 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, hosted for the first time, on our YouTube Channel.

As we assemble the content, three themes have emerged:

1. Currency debasement and inflation investment strategies

2. How to navigate the hype of a resource bull market

3. How to sell (The harder part of the trade)

I’ll touch on each briefly:

Currency Debasement and Inflation

There is no shortage of unknowns in the years ahead - near term and long term. Any certainties should be isolated, challenged and then built into our strategy.

Across the board, every VRIC guest I’ve spoken to believes stimulus will continue, and increase. There is debate about how to hedge against a debased dollar, and debate about whether or not we will experience inflation, and when.

One of my guests, Ronnie Stoeferle, author of In Gold We Trust, points to the average age of portfolio managers in the US and Europe being 49 years old - too young to have ever managed real inflation. So he regularly touches base with his contacts in countries like Brazil, who have handled portfolios through skyrocketing inflation.

Inflation can wipe people out financially, but it can also be a catalyst for generational wealth creation. My guests will be sharing strategies to protect wealth against a debased dollar, and how to set up portfolios to capitalize on runaway inflation. We will talk about the likelihood of serious inflation as well as what could prevent it.

Navigating the Hype

If the commodities market continues to heat up - so will the noise and pollution in our news feed and deal flow. How do we avoid stepping on a landmine with great promotion? I am having every guest run through their simple hacks for cutting out the bottom 80%, so they can spend time choosing from only the best.

It’s more important than ever to confirm your rules - your risk tolerance, time horizon, and criteria. Many people look at a junior mining bull market as a “get rich quick scheme”. It is more frequently a go broke fast scheme, or a get rich slow scheme.

Define your rules, have patience and trust your process.

How to Sell

Everyone talks about what to buy, when to buy and how to buy. No-one talks about how to sell - which in my experience is the harder part of the trade, and the part that I lose more sleep over. From money managers like Rick Rule (Sprott US) to Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific), to veteran analysts like Brent Cook (Exploration Insights) and David Morgan (The Morgan Report), I am having everyone break down their process for exiting a position. From taking profits, to cutting losses, each guest runs through their rules and how they continually come out on top.

We are also going to talk about Bitcoin. I still get the odd comment from hard asset investors who think it’s a fraud, and they unsubscribe when I mention it. That’s fine. Here’s the truth - turning a blind eye to something you don’t like, only hurts you.

The future of bitcoin might be perpetual rallies and crashes, it might be mainstream adoption and stability, or it might not have a future - but like any financial asset class, from dollars to derivatives, it's an important part of the conversation.

And of course - I will be peeling stock picks out of everybody.

The 2021 VRIC will be hosted on our Youtube Channel on January 17, 18 and 19th.

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Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House