Become a smarter, more strategic investor.

Photo: Become a smarter, more strategic investor.

The 2021 VRIC is Two Days Away.

I've conducted 50 interviews in the last ten days for this event. I love it.

For three days on our YouTube Channel, we will be delivering commodity forecasts, debating macro finance trends and presenting tons of strategies for making money in the resource market.

Former Prime Minister Harper will share his thoughts on the civil unrest and social divides that are spreading around the world.

Real Vision Co-Founder Raoul Pal will discuss the shift of power and opportunity from the Countries that Have to the Countries that Have Not.

Many, many finance personalities will share their war stories, forecasts and stock picks for 2021.

If you watch this event, you will become a smarter, more strategic investor.

Spend the time.

The Full Agenda is HERE

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Jay Martin

Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House