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"Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope” -Martin Luther King Jr.

This week on The Cambridge House Show, a Harvard trained geologist, blockchain executive and a CEO will tell you what gold stocks to buy and how to protect your cash with inflation hitting record highs.

Byron King

Harvard Trained Geologist

What is catching your eye?

“I’m a hard asset guy, so good companies in the gold silver precious metals space”

“In terms of industrial space, copper”

“Rio Tinto, Newmont Gold Corp”

“Kodiak Copper, very nice asset in terms of geology. Great management team”

And MANY more… tune in to find out which companies Byron is looking at

Are you currently deploying capital?

“Oh sure, I am not giving anyone personal financial advice but I do eat my own cooking. I am more than happy to put my funds into companies like these”

Any tips for junior investors?

“When somebody is just handing you a ‘special offer’ be very wary of those”

“The hard asset market is strong”

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“Bonner Private Research on Substack.

Kai Hoffmann

CEO of Soar Financial

What is catching your eye?

“I’m more looking at copper gold right now”

“Copper is THE the theme right now”

Are you currently deploying capital?

“I am, I like doing private placements”

What does your current portfolio look like?

“It’s fairly high risk right now”

“I have some companies who are not performing as they should and I’m looking at buying more”

“Angold Resources, Blackwolf Copper and Gold”

Any tips for junior investors?

“Soak up all the information that is out there right now and build your own opinions”

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Frank Holmes

Hive Blockchain Technologies

What is catching your eye on the market?

“People being concerned about their freedom of rights, this is big for gold and BTC”

Are you currently deploying capital?

“We have a decent amount of cash in our fund.”

“I just launched Sea to Sky ‘SEA’ on the NYSE”

Walk me through your portfolio?

“I remain very bullish”

“Wheaten Precious, their revenue is 20x more than Goldman Sachs per employee”

“Franklin Nevada”

Any tips for Junior Investors?

“Whatever your age is is what percentage you should be invested in secure asset wise”

“If you’re 30 years old you should be 70% long and 30% cash”

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