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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

This week on The Cambridge House Show we have a billionaire and a widely known and respected writer who both share incredible investment advice regularly as well as on our show! This recap will give you insight into which spaces they are watching closely and why you should too.

Rick Rule

CEO of Rule Investment Media LLC

What is catching your eye?

“The uranium space, it has treated me very very well”

“Canadian oil and gas stocks, they have had a great run but still are priced low”

Are you currently deploying capital?

“I am”

“I am usually early”

Any companies you could see any junior investors getting involved in?

“Endeavor Mining”

Any other tips or tricks for junior investors?

“It’s important to remember exploration is a lousy business”

“You have to be in a sector nobody wants, you have to be unpopular to make real money”

“People matter much more than properties if you’re looking for profits. PP&P”

“The 8th wonder of the world and first wonder of investing is compounding”

Where can we find you to hear more?

“ , you can add your stocks and I’ll rank them 1-10 and comment on them”

“I also have a placement section where I tell you for free before I put money into a private placement

“March 19th I’m hosting a uranium bootcamp that has a 100% money back guarantee”

Gwen Preston

The Resource Maven

What is the Resource Maven?

“I started it to help investors understand and be able to invest in natural resource opportunities from high to low risk”

What is catching your eye?


“Gold is very well set up, there is hardly a crack in the gold story right now”

“Silver, phosphate”

Are you currently deploying capital?

“For sure!”

“Gold juniors, still very cheap”

What does your current portfolio look like?

“I specialize in high risk”

“Zacapa Resources”

“Edgemont Gold Corp”

“Pampa Metals”

“Osino Resources”

Any tips for junior investors?

“Know how much risk you want to take on and how much time you want to put into your portfolio”

Where can my listeners find you?


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