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“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as a forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

Michelle Obama

This week on The Cambridge House Show, we have a lawyer who is fighting the good fight against government taxation on the purchasing of precious metals as well as the man using his own data process to let us know where we TRULY are with inflation and many more incredible guests! Check out the highlights below.

Jp Cortez

How did you get started in precious metals?

“I started at the Austrian School of Economics after discovering Ron Paul”

“It never sat well with me that the ones impacted most by inflation are the poorest among us. Pricing people out of life”

What else do you want to tell us about the Sound Money Group?

“There are 9 states that charge sales tax on buying gold and silver on top of the regular price, there are also states that are working on getting rid of this tax”

“We have been working hard these last 6 years and have had an incredible string of success”

Talk to me about Richmond, VA?

“They already had a sales tax exemption, however there was a wrinkle in which sales below $1000 were still able to be taxed. Which is discriminatory. I am happy to report that we have that legislation on the governor's desk to get rid of that”

Any other precious metals forecasts?

“I am bullish on silver”

“Geopolitical uncertainty is what gold and silver is used for and I expect the price to reflect that”

Where can we find you to hear more?

“Twitter @jpcortez27 and our website”

Darius Dale

42 Macro

Macro forecasts?

“Growth is slowing to a below trend this year”

“There’s a potential recession early next year”

Inflation forecasts?

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know it needs to come off”

“The problem with that is it will remain stickier for longer”

Talk to me about the 42 Macro?

“Our core process is to democratize institutional grade macro risk content”

“We help investors stay abreast financially”

Where can we find you?

“ or on twitter @42MacroDDale”

Chris Vermeulen

The Technical Traders

Talk to me about the Technical Traders.

“We follow the markets bar by bar and when they change we change our positions”

What’s catching your eye on the market?

“I think we’re in the late stages of a bull market”

“Energy, precious metals, utilities and health care come to life when this happens”

What’s a safe place to store an investor's cash right now?

“Inverse ETF’s”

“Short bonds”

Further forecasts?

“Energy has had a huge move up”

“Commodities and precious metal miners are going to do well”

“DBC is a good commodities ETF”

“FAN ETF looks really bullish with another push potential”

Where can we find you to learn more?

“ I always do a morning video before the opening bell”

Jeffrey Christian

The CPM Group

Who is really ‘winning’ this war?

“My view is that Putin was ill advised to start”

“NATO wins, the US Government wins and the US dollar wins”

“Defense contractors”

Market predictions?

“More money spent on alternative energy technologies”

“Material security and resource nationalism”

“The dollar will benefit”

Precious metals forecast?

“Platitnum with slowly and steadily move upwards”

“Palladium will decline this year”

“I’m not as bullish on copper as a lot of people think”

What are your war predictions?

“I do scenario planning”

“The 3 scenarios are 1. Russia wins and they face an exttended insurrecoin 2. A stalemate that goes on a long time 3. They get beaten back”

“Then we are left with either a defanged Russia or a hated Russia”

Where can we find you to learn more?


“We lanch our Gold Year book soon”

“We do bi-weekly YouTube videos”

John Williams

Shadow Stats

How do you calculate true inflation?

“I have my own data process”

“The governamt knocks 1.5% off of the aggragate CPI”

“Right now there’s about an 8-9% difference”

“I plot it against gold and it follows gold”

Inflation predictions?

“It’s a lot worse than the Fed is reporting already”

“We’re up 110% from the prepandemic level”

“The headline GDP is recovered”

Any sign of a deflation?

“It has to slow down it can’t maintain this rate”

“I am not seeing any indicators of this happening soon”

What are your war predictions?

“Precious metals will continue to go up”

“We could eben be looking at a potential barter situation if the economy keeps at this rate”

Where can we find you to learn more?


“Anyone can email me if they would like at”

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