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"Choose to be optimistic, it feels better”

Dalai Lama

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Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

Chief Market Strategist at Bubba Trading

What is going on in the markets?

“If you look at the market overall its a market that is allowing bulls that didn’t buy 10 years ago to buy now”

“The markets are in major trouble”

What’s a good way to protect yourself as an investor?

“Hedging programs or derivative models”

“Hedging is a way to protect your portfolio from downsides”

“Time in the market vs timing, stay in good solid companies for 15 to 20 years”

Any particular companies or sectors?

“Nothing better than Apple”

“I’m focusing more on the ETF space”

“When Amazon splits”

“Velero Energy”

Talk to me about

“I was a trader for a long time and when the floor dried I became and educator as a subscription service”

“I love to educate people to trade properly”

Willem Middelkoop

Founder of Commodity Discovery Fund

What is catching your eye?

“Commodities has been on a severe market decline from 2011 until now”

Bitcoin could be the currency that eats up all other currencies?

“I’ve called BTC the digital gold because the way it is set up in regards to rarity”

Elon Musk lured the voting class to admit they are against free speech?

“There is real censorship in big tech”

Elon getting Twitter is a step towards free speech?

“It’s a very clear message to the world that we have to stop the censorship”

Let’s talk geopolitics.

“We are coming to the end of the US Dollar after 2008”

“People are fed up with the way the US is treating potential trading partners”

What impact will this have on our markets?

“We will see huge changes because of many sovereign countries are fleeing towards gold”

“People will move away from paper assets towards solid assets”

“There is a shortage of supplies which will help commodity investors”

“Commodities will most likely go up another 30-40% according to studies as they are still extremely undervalued”

Any further market predictions?

“All the prior mentioned creates a great market for Uranium”

“Specifically NextGen energy”

“A silver break out is also possible”

Gianni Kovacevic

Author and Investor

Battery Metals in the market, what’s there for you?

“Billions of batteries will be made across the world, this is going to happen”

“Copper, Aluminum and Lithium”

“The new Tesla factory is just one”

“If you want to make a lot of money, get into the Lithium business”

How can investors make money off of this shift?

“I’m most well known for the creation of Copper Bank which we have switched to Faraway Copper is a 10 bagger and I believe it’s going to be a 20 or 30 bagger”

“The growth of Lithium is going to be 20-30% every year for the next years”

How do you create wealth?

“A lot of money is made when the market gets very bearish”

“I focus on one company or sector at a time”

Carbon Credits, what's there for you?

“They have government fingerprints all over them”

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