Emergency Inflation Briefing 2022

Photo:  Emergency Inflation Briefing 2022

Inflation is hitting 50-year highs. Even the money management playbooks from the 1970s provide little guidance on how to navigate today’s environment. The smartest thing investors can do is sit down with as many veteran money managers and expert economists as possible, listen to their perspectives and forecasts and craft our own strategy based on our individual risk tolerance, time horizon and investable capital. On September 7th we will be joined by Danielle DiMaritno Booth (CEO & Chief Strategist of Quill Intelligence), Luke Gromen (Founder, Forest For the Trees, LLC), Andy Schectman (President & CEO of Miles Franklin), Sandeep Singh (President and Chief Executive Officer of Osisko Gold Royalties) and Tim Clark (CEO & Director of Fury Gold Mines) to dissect the biggest threats to the economy, equities market and currencies. Inflation cycles can destroy billions in wealth, but if money is allocated correctly, it can become a life-changing catalyst for wealth accumulation. Don’t miss the Emergency Inflation Briefing on September 7th.

Schedule (all times PT):

1:00PM - Danielle DiMartino Booth

1:30PM - Sandeep Singh (Osisko Gold Royalties)

1:50PM - Luke Gromen

2:40PM - Tim Clark (Fury Gold Mines)

3:10PM - Andy Schectman