What could make everyone wrong...?

Photo: What could make everyone wrong...?

Happy Labour Day. I got married seven years ago today to a woman I met at the old (now shut down) Hard Assets Conference in San Francisco. Our first date was at Mark Skousen’s libertarian-centric Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. Best return I’ve ever gotten from being a commodity investor.

Last week I published an interview that I was sure would get my channel penalized. I’ve been slapped or demonetized by Youtube in the past - usually every time I have Robert Kiyosaki or Doug Casey on ;) - but it's worth it.

My editor asked me not to publish the interview below, mainly because one of his core accountabilities is ensuring our videos are optimized for the YouTube algorithm. He is rewarded based on the traction our content receives - therefore, publishing a piece of content with a high likelihood of penalizing our channel is in direct conflict with his performance metrics.

I get it.

And a piece specifically about the World Economic Forum will raise eyebrows. WEF critics are often blocked on Twitter - and last month, an article was published on the WEF website advocating for an artificial intelligence-based system that could preemptively sensor harmful information before our fragile eyes are exposed to it…

Determining what is and what is not harmful information would be a near impossible job - so it is an incredible relief that the WEF has raised their hand to take care of it for us. Phew.

I need to shout back to my last newsletter on the culture of safteyism -

“It is the most challenging thing in the world to allow our children to take unnecessary risks, but in the absence of this, a generation emerges that believes the world is supposed to be safe.

In reality, nothing in the natural world is static - or, therefore, predictable and safe….

Silencing offensive ideas and people feed an expectation of a safe world and therefore guarantees being blindsided when the world's true nature occurs.”

Regardless, it was enjoyable catching up with Bob Moriarty; check out the interview if you are interested here:

Switching Gears

I am trying to figure out what I am missing on the European energy crisis front.

Consensus says that the UK and Europe will hit a crossroads when temperatures cool and western European homes don’t have access to Russian Gas:

Europe cannot function without Russian gas, the massive rise in energy prices would quickly collapse their economies - the most vulnerable businesses are already turning insolvent:

“Dorset pub closes after £58,000 increase in utility costs.”


"Pub's closure warning: 'My energy bill went to £35,000 from £13,000.”


"Her electricity bill has jumped from £10k ($12k) a year to £55k ($64k). She is working out her options but will likely be forced to close."


You can go down the rabbit hole and find hundreds of these - there are a dozen more each day. These are small, owner-operated businesses, the least likely component of the business community to be saved by government intervention - but they are only the first domino.

The real question is how much will politicians let their economies break before they rethink their moral positions and take a neutral stance against the war in Ukraine? I am not concerned about global events if I can't feed my kids.

Civil unrest is increasing. On Saturday, an estimated 70,000 people took to the streets of Prague demanding a neutral stance on the war in exchange for access to Russian energy.

As of writing, 160,588 Brits have signed https://dontpay.uk/, pledging to not pay their electric bills on October 1st in a mass protest. Their goal is to reach one million pledges this month.

The writing is on the wall for an inevitable outcome. Politicians in the EU and UK can either keep the moral high ground as their economies collapse or turn a blind eye to the war in Ukraine in exchange for access to cheap Russian energy (and we haven’t even talked about grain).

Whenever something seems “inevitable,” I start wondering what I am missing. Please share if you think I am wrong about the above potential outcomes.

If any of the major economies in the EU collapse, the immediate impact on global inflation will be dramatic.

Next week we are hosting the Emergency Inflation Briefing on our Youtube Channel.

It will be on Wednesday, September 7, at 1:00 pm PST.

Emergency Inflation Briefing Agenda below:

1:00 pm Danielle DiMartino Booth

Former Federal Reserve Insider and author of Quail Intelligence

1:30 pm Sandeep Singh

President and CEO of Osisko Gold Royalties

1:50 pm Luke Gromen

Founder & President, Forest for the Trees

2:40 pm Tim Clark

President of Fury Gold Mines