Something to work on in 2024

Photo: Something to work on in 2024

One thing, and then another thing.

Recently, I worked on a project with a partner. I rarely work with partners.

Many times throughout this project, I was caught off guard by the ease - and frankly, generosity, with which this partner operated.

There were a few instances where I found myself questioning his motives - why was this person so concerned with my best interest? Why are they going out of their way to help me pull off a win?

This project had two goals:

Increase my brand equity in a new market

Make money for both of us

Along the way, we received an offer for sponsorship that would have increased both of our financial goals but would have reduced my brand awareness.

I said - no worries, let's take the money. But he said no - and encouraged me to think longer term. “This is a great opportunity for you,” he said. “Don’t give up the exposure for a bit of cash.”

The surprising part about this to me was that for him, there was only financial gain to be had. He was a silent operating partner - so in effect, he offered to compromise his own financial gain so that I could increase my brand awareness.

I was stumped and confused by his motivation.

After the project was wrapped up, I was talking to a confidant of mine - someone who has been an invaluable resource for me for nearly a decade. She’s been behind many of my biggest business decisions and talked me through the good, the bad, and the ugly of my career.

We have a one-hour call every two weeks. It is the only standing meeting I keep.

When I explained this situation to her, I heard a familiar tonality in her voice. The tonality that usually precedes her sharing a significant revelation.

“Use this partnership experience as a lens to view other people,” she said.

What did she mean?

She knows me well. Well enough to know that I always work alone.

Early in my career, I entered into two different business partnerships. In both cases, I made some miscalculations in my inexperience. The result was finding myself in a compromised financial position while still being accountable for nearly all of the required labour of the “partnership.”

I was inexperienced - and the “partner” preyed upon the vulnerability.

In each case, it took a couple of years to untangle myself from the agreements. But when it was all said and done - I never blamed the partners. I blamed myself and my ignorance.

That's business, I said. I am the only one who really wants me to succeed. So f*** everyone else; I’ll do this on my own.

I’ve kept this chip on my shoulder ever since. I often get approached by interesting collaboration offers. I always entertain the conversation, but once I’m on my own again, I remember - “No, I’m better off alone.”

This mindset has permeated a larger part of my life:

My life consists of business, training and being with my wife and kids. I don’t make time for anyone else. I don’t “hang out”. I like my time on my own.

I have a large, beautiful office - far more space than I need. But I keep it empty. I like to work alone.

I live in a mountain town filled with ultramarathon runners, mountain bikers and triathletes. I do all of those things. But when I train, I train alone.


It is interesting to contemplate the events that create our belief systems. I believe that I am a lone wolf simply because a couple of insignificant people convinced me of that.

This is what my friend above meant when she asked me to use this recent experience as a lens to view other people.

She has listened to me for years, So she knew I identified as a lone wolf. Having listened to me during those tough partnership years, she understood why.

But she also saw that I had an opportunity right now to change that belief system and gratefully pointed it out to me.

It’s pretty interesting.

Something I’ll work on in 2024.

Now, for the other thing: A very - very special announcement.

On January 21 and 22, 2024, I am hosting the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

This is North America’s largest conference for investors seeking to build portfolios in the commodity sector.

Why am I doing this?

Because great investors all do the same thing - they get positioned in a cyclical market at the bottom of the cycle.

Then they wait.

Do you want to do that?

Now is your chance.

I am a long-term value investor. So when I invest - I am not looking for a quick trade.

That's a mugs game anyway.

I am looking for asymmetric bets that no one is talking about.

And right now, despite every macro indicator pointing to a decade of commodity scarcity - the mining and metals equities are quiet.

You might be watching the fracturing of global relationships and new rules constricting international trade.

Countries like Indonesia, the world's biggest nickel exporter, imposing a ban on nickel exports, disrupting the supply of key energy infrastructure.

Or Panama, removing hundreds of thousands of tons of copper from the global market, forcing the world into a 500,000-ton copper deficit.

Or Russia, threatening to ban the export of uranium to Western nations as the world enters an energy crisis.

Or central banks all over the world, removing another 1000 tons of physical gold from the market this year - setting 40-year records of gold acquisition.

The resource race is on - whether or not you have been paying attention.

In every direction you look in the raw materials sector, you see political interference and countries fighting for supply.

But so far, the mining and metals equities - the source of all these materials, have not responded.

They will.

Your dream outcome of getting positioned in a cyclical market - near the bottom, is only one month away at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

The cost?

Two days of your life as you join over 6000 other investors and attend talks, panel discussions and debates on one of our six big stages.

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is the one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to get positioned in the commodities market.

A General Admission ticket will get you an all-access pass to the conference - all of the talks in every room. Click here to register.

But if you want to attend in style… then pick up a VIP ticket while they are still available...

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The Monday Morning pre-conference breakfast, hosted by myself and fellow keynote speakers ($1000 value)

Registration in the Commodity University, a ten-chapter online video course covering all the fundamentals and investment vehicles for new commodity investors ($500 value)

A one-year subscription to my Premium Newsletter ($300 value)

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