Dev Randhawa heads up Fission Uranium’s management team as CEO and Chairman. Not only is Dev Randhawa the founder of the company but he also founded Fission Energy Corp and Strathmore Minerals –  building both into highly successful uranium exploration companies. For his success with Fission Uranium, Dev Randhawa was named “Mining Person of the Year” by The Northern Miner and “Dealmaker of the Year” by Finance Monthly.

Under Dev Randhawa’s leadership, Fission Energy was named a Top 50 TSX:V in 2011 for high performance. While running Strathmore, Dev Randhawa succeeded in building it into a $350m cap corporation.

Prior to founding his first listed company, Dev Randhawa established himself as a successful investment banker. He has always maintained that the skills and experience he developed during that time have been of great value to his roles as CEO and chairman in the resource exploration sector.

During a media interview with Stockhouse, when asked about the reason for his belief in nuclear energy, Dev Randhawa had this to say:

“The case for nuclear energy is really the case for keeping the world’s lights switched on. Worldwide electricity demand is set to increase by around 76% by 2030 (WNA) and, at the same time as meeting that demand, we also need to lower emissions. You’re not going to do that with just wind, solar and tidal because they can’t provide the high base loads that national grids require. In addition, high capacity energy storage technologies are still unproven. That just leaves nuclear. What’s more, the governments throughout the world know it.”

Dev Randhawa holds a BA in Business Administration with Honors from Trinity Western College of Langley, British Columbia and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia. He has also been a Business Mentor at Trinity Western for the last three years.

Dev Randhawa provides regular commentary on company activity and industry news on Fission Uranium’s CEO Corner blog page.

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