Kai Hoffmann is the CEO of Soar Financial Canada Corp., the company behind the renowned junior financing information platform Oreninc.com. Oreninc has been tracking financings junior resource companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange and Canadian Stock Exchange since 2011. Logging all relevant deal and company information into its proprietary database, called the Oreninc Deal Log, Oreninc quickly became the go-to website in the mining financing space for investors, analysts, fund managers and company executives alike.

The Oreninc Deal Log keeps track of over 1,400 companies, bringing transparency to an otherwise impenetrable jungle of information. The goal is to increase the visibility of transactions and to show financings activity in a digestible format. Through its daily logging activities, Oreninc is able to pinpoint momentum changes in the markets, identify which commodities are trending and which projects are currently receiving funding.

Oreninc uses a data-driven methodology that allows us to examine financings from a quantitative standpoint. Our fundamental research serves as a platform to consult companies on capital raises and provide strategic management services. Oreninc has structured, restructured, advised, and formed several resource companies since its establishment.

Kai Hoffmann has been an active member of the junior commodites market for over eight yearsbefore acquiring Oreninc in September 2016. He is currently also the Managing Director of Soar Financial Partners, an investor relations and public relations consultancy, based right outside Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Kai is further the publisher and chief editor of one of Germany's leading financial stock letters for junior resource stocks, "Das Investor Magazin".Kai holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Hons) from the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

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