The Golden Cross

Photo: The Golden Cross

This week’s video release is a quick hit with one of the top ranked gold fund managers in the world, US Global Investors CEO, Frank Holmes.

Frank has been a mentor and close friend for many years. I kid that every hour I spend with Frank requires an additional hour of research to catch up on whatever we discussed.

Frank touched on the significance of the Golden Cross, the insignificance of the gold to silver ratio and why his price forecast for gold has moved to $4000/ounce.

Following my sit down with Frank, I had the chance to catch up with the founder of Oxygen Capital, Mark O’Dea, and the CEO of PureGold Mining, Darin Labrenz.

I really wanted to get Mark and Darren back on the show because since we last caught up with Mark, PureGold has been on a tear.

During our first video with Mark on May 7, he called for an “easy double”, but as usual his team has outperformed. In July investors who took action were up 268%

However, this week’s pause in the gold rally has opened up an opportunity to build a position in PGM at a 20% discount to its high from just under two weeks ago. Great timing to have the team at PureGold back on for a catch-up.

If you are curious about what some of the best names in the gold business are up to, click on our latest release here.

Have a powerful day,

Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House